Thursday, October 15, 2009

Which Color Dyes Will Work Best for Your Hair?

When it comes to dying your hair, it can be hard to know which colors will work with the skin tones, as well as which colors will work with the tone of the hair. There are many colors and tones of colors which can be applied to the hair and therefore it can be hard to know which colors will work throughout the hairstyle that is being created.

Should you choose permanent hair dye, or a due that is semi permanent? Permanent dye can damage the hair, as it must grow out, rather than being washed out like other forms of semi permanent dye.

Experts recommend that while dying your hair at home, you stay between two to three shades lighter as well as two to three shades darker. Ensuring that you are able to stay within these limits is an effective way to reduce the damage that can occur within the hair as well as reduce the coloring mistakes that may have to be fixed by a stylist.

When dying the hair unnatural colors such as blue, green and other vibrant colors which can be used in a variety of punk hairstyles and colorings there are certain things that should be remembered. While dying the hair these colors, you should always choose semi permanent colors which can wash out from the hair easily. These can be applied to the hair through the use of gels, washes and sprays.

There are also permanent dyes available for unnatural colors, but these can lead to damage in the hair and will often not work within hair that has darker pigmentation. In order to dye the hair various colors with darker hair, the hair must be first lightened. Through the lightening method, bleach is often used which can lead to damage of the hair follicle, and therefore should be avoided.