Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bits on Blue Hair Dye

So you want to dye your hair blue? You probably are somebody who dares to be different. Well, if you want to be different and experiment with this trendy and off beat colour then get ready to be your blue best. Firstly, buy a reputed brand of hair colour. Do not go for cheap hair colours as they may fade sooner, change shade or even damage your hair.The blue hair dye works best on light hair. If you are a blond, the dye will work quickly. Otherwise, you need to bleach your hair before colouring.
However, do not over bleach asBits on Blue Hair Dye pictures
it may burn hair. Once you have well-bleached hair, you can apply the dye on the parts of hair you want to dye blue. Cover them with an aluminium foil.

Let it stay for an hour. Take a strand of hair and check if the colour has worked on your hair. If not then let it stay for another half an hour. Rinse it off with cool water. Apply some nutritive hair conditioner and hair serum. Now blow dry to get shiny locks of boisterous blue hair.

You can try the blue hair dye on fringes, bangs, ends of your hair shaft and even use them for streaking your mane. You can get a funky look with an electric blue and a cute look with cool sky blue. Streak your hair with different shades of blue and a tinge of gold and create an electrifying look. Style your hair and show the world your blue side.