Sunday, August 29, 2010

the way we were


Light the corners of my mind

Misty watercolor memories

Of the way we were

Scattered pictures

Of the smiles we left behind

Smiles we gave to one another

For the way we were

Can it be that it was all so simple then

Or has time rewritten every line

If we had the chance to do it all again

Tell me - Would we? Could we?


May be beautiful and yet

What's too painful to remember

We simply choose to forget

So it's the laughter

We will remember

Whenever we remember

The way we were

Barbra Streisand

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why is it SO HARD?

When you reached the lowest point in your life, there always be two options: you can easily lose hope and drowned in an enormous regrets feeling or.. you can bounce back, keep your head held high, face it, and be a better self.

They said our tears will dry on their own. But the pain that left can't be undone and forgotten. Here's an instant example: you got burn and it left scar on your skin. The pain will eventually gone, but the scar will be there forever. Yes, my tears would be dry.. just for a WHILE.

I had a strength to bounce back and recharged myself through all this time, but I can't be like this forever.. I'm sure someday I'll stop at one point where I can't take it anymore & wave the white flag. I'm NOT a superwoman.

Do I really love him... Or addicted to the pain?

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Nicholas Kirkwood suede lace up 120mm

Nicholas Kirkwood cut out bootie 120mm - black, lace, leather!

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Sand 120mm - the artsy shoes

I have a MAYJAH shoecrush to Nicholas Kirkwood.
I've been seeing his collection in various magazine and websites all over the net for months. The man knows how to translate the word art in shoeworld.  Even one of his masterpiece became SJP's shoebsession. She wears it with anything! (literally), her LBD, boyfriend blazer, cute dress, and even her jeans! I couldn't agree more with her cos bold shoes can go with almost everything.
Personally, I really fall for the cut out bootie: black lace leather. PERFECT! While the 3rd picture shows his sense of art even though the shoes are impossible to wear (except for ones who dare to wear it.)

SJP with her shoebsession

SJP wears it with almost everything

Ah... I wish I can rob a bank. LOL.
Find out more detail here

Friday, August 20, 2010

father.. how are you today?

When I was a little, I often heard songs about mothers: Mother, How are You Today?; Mama; Bunda (means Mama in bahasa) to name a few. Every songs that parents-related are all about mother. Yes Mother plays a really big part in our life, but it doesn't mean we can easily forget the existence of Father figure. 

Today I went to hospital by mean of visiting my friend's Dad whom has been comma for a week. He fell and then he passed out. Things were going so fast. No fuss No rush. I knew her Dad has hypertension but who would've thought it attack suddenly?
I was with my boyfriend when the first time I heard the news. We immediately prayed for her Dad & her family that night. It's so devastating to received such a bad news. But who could handle it? God has plans for each one of us. 

I never love being in a hospital, no matter how fancy it is, hospital is my most hated place (who doesn't?) There always two things left in my heart after a hospital visit: fear and wake up call
Fear of the fact that maybe someday me or my loved ones will be the one who lay in those bed
A wake up call for us in order to become a person who GRATEFUL for what we have now and CHERISH the life we live. Noone knows where time will fly us.. 

I have such a strong bond with my Dad. We don't talk much (not that much if compared to my Mom). But there's something that can't be explain between us. My Dad is kind of Dad that never brings his problem to home. At home he becomes this happy personality, laughs a lot, and all. But I knew from his eyes, that he carries a HUGE burden. He has 5 children, and only 2 that already financial free. I make my own money, but I still live in his house without have to pay the rent. Shame on me cause I still can't be financially freedom on my age. But to leave the house and being independent is not as easy as it sounds. I don't have enough courage to stand on my own feet. But I always try to help him as much as I can.

Daddy always there when you need help. Who do you run to when you hit someone else's car? Moreover, who taught you how to drive? Daddy taught lessons about life without being judgmental. He's the most neutral and big hearted man I've ever known. When Mom didn't give me permission to go out, Daddy would love to lend a hand & accompany me. When I face difficulty in life, Dad's the one who hugged me and said "it's OK" although you know that your fault was not forgivable. There are many other things that I can't explain here, just to show how much his sacrifice to our family. It will make a very long list and a lot tissues :(

Dearest Daddy...
Dad, you're the hero in my life. No one knows what you've been throughout these times. Those years back then were the hardest of our life. I wish I've known better.. I'm sorry I can't be a daughter that your dreamed of. Even though you always say that I'm the nicest and the most beautiful girl you've ever met and you always say that I'm your most precious treasure. BUT I know, deep in my heart that I haven't make you proud. You've done so much for our family. No matter how hard I try, I would never be able to give back what you've given to me. You always say that I do not have to bother all of those. But I insist to make a vow. Dad, maybe I can't give you a luxury life and all. But you must know that I will LOVE you forever sincerely and take care of you until the end of time. From the day I was born till the day I shut my eyes, I'll always be Daddy's little girl who proud to have a beautiful person like you. 

Geez I can't believe I'm crying while write this.. Love your Dad and show him that you care while you still have time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and call him and ask, Father how are you today? and put a smile on his face. 

me arlin and kenrick with their lovely daddy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

On exact August 17th sixty five years ago, Indonesia stated its own independence day on behalf our first president, the one and only Sukarno

Now, sixty five years later from 1945.. We celebrated our independence day in a different way. Some subdistrict keep the tradition by organize events such as lomba balap karung, lomba makan kerupuk, lomba panjat pinang, etc. (Sorry I couldn't find a proper word to describe it in English). Some keep in the modern way by blabbing through 140 characters on twitter using #indonesia65. They're like, "let's make Indonesian independence day a TT (Trending Topic)". Yes they made it to the top 10, and then what? I sincerely think, words are not enough, let alone a trending topic. 

Anyhow, I was keeping it real. Surprisingly, I've missed upacara bendera. It's a ritual that implemented every Independence Day in honor to reminisce about our heroes and heroines who struggled between wars and finally made Indonesia a free country. We re-read the proclamation, the UUD 1945, the Pancasila, and sing the national anthem while wave the red & white flag. BUT this ritual only happens in school.  

That's why yesterday I went back to my former high school to visit the football field where the ritual usually held. My jaw dropped instantly when I saw the new buildings in my school. Where did the ancient and antique and classic buildings go? They're all became an arrogant modern look buildings which I instantly -hate at the first sight-. But thank God, the field was there. It wasn't change a bit. At least I still recognized my school. 

It's a pity I didn't bring my camera yesterday, but I did take pictures which were awfully lack of lights with my blackberry. To cherish our independence day, I was wearing a combination of red & white in my outfit. But I changed the look as I go cos it was more casual and modest. Surprise surprise... I was sporting my red flat shoes yesterday cos all my red shoes are high heels but I wanted to keep it casual. LOL. 

unbranded shirt jeans
 mango red inner
vintage high waist shorts
SOGO red belt
rubi flat shoes
necklace bought from bali

my look #2

me in front of the infamous football field

one more thing that I love about my former high school, it located in a very strategic area surrounded by many interesting stores like distro (clothing store by youngsters), cafes, stalls, etc. 
My new favorite thing is this stall named Kedai Ling Ling. Please do come by if you're in this area cos it tastes real good & different from others & come with a good ingredients. Basically, they sell Japanese homemade snacks like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and all. But recently, they sell ramen, beverages, etc. my personal fave is their Okonomiyaki. It's kind of Japanese savoury pancake fulfilled with a variety of ingredients. I never taste a real Oko from Japan itself, but I assure you, the Oko that made by Ling-Ling is the best Oko in town! 

Kedai Ling-Ling

delish! Okonomiyaki

Last but never ever least, what's the meaning of freedom for you? :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

shoebsession: PAISLEY Flower Cut-Out Boots

TopShop PAISLEY Flower Cut-Out Boots

A combination  of ankle boots with large flower cut makes it look edgy but still has a girly side. I'm dying to buy them but unfortunately TopShop online doesn't ship to Indonesia :( There's a TopShop store here, but this beautiful piece is nowhere to be found and often cost a lot more than it actually is. More detail here


Yesterday I made an effort to clean up my room, not entire room but I manage to move all my shoes to somewhere nicer than my room. It's frustrating everytime I step into my room, all I see were shoe boxes everywhere! I was tired to hear all cynical comments regarding this situation, especially from my boyfriend, whom a regular member there. He was like, "will you ever STOP shoe-shopping?" I shrugged. It's kinda irritated me cos I loved my shoes (and many many my shoes-to-be) very much. OK there are like several new pairs that haven't been worn, but I'm sure I'll wear them someday. 

Shortly, I took out all of them from their boxes. As I keep on going, I asked myself, how many shoes is too many shoes? It seems I always craving for more. Whenever I walk into a store, I directly go to the shoe racks. Moreover, I had a strange dream the other night: I dive across the ocean just to find my favorite pair of Manolo! I know it sounds very silly, but hey, everyone have their own obsession. So in this case, mine is SHOEBSESSION. 

I previously didn't want TO count them but I was curious so I start to count them. There are 40ish (and counting) shoes I own (excluding sports shoes, slippers, my everyday shoes) and I dare to call myself a shoe-A-holic? LOL. Maybe I'd rather call myself a semi-shoeAholic. triple LOL. Many shoe lovers out there have at least 100 pairs. Geez how to wear them all I wonder... 

Finally, I stole my Mom's cabinet (actually it's a cabinet to place a TV and other crystals) and made them to be my new shoe racks. I no longer keep them in their boxes cos I already find a new home for them. I'll show u the photo later. Actually it's like something that I always dream of, but in my dream it's way bigger! My Mom's cabinet has only two column (each has three rows) but there's a lamp in there that made it even prettier. But the thing is, it can only hold about 18 pairs. So I carefully chose my favorite pairs among others. But of course I keep my recently win designer shoes daintily in my own closet with their boxes and dustbag :)
And well, I gave some of my shoes to my maid too. When I asked her about her shoe size, she said that she's a 38 gal. Ahh too bad her feet couldn't fit in my shoes cos my size is 36. I don't know what would she do to the shoes I've given. She seemed so happy but at the same time confused cos she didn't know how to wear it. Maybe she has to squeeze her feet a bit? 

Anyhow, I don't know when my shoebsession will end. The scariest thing for me is, if someday I wake up and my feet can no longer fit into my shoes!! i.e. pregnancy, some says that our size will increase half or even one size bigger than we previously are. Worse is, most of shoes have a narrow cut to the toe (if you know what I mean) and super high heels. It's very possible if I get pregnant or get fat, I'd be a shoeless lady. LOL. 

Back to the shoe topic, from now on, I'll add up one more topic in my blog. So every now and then I'll post my current shoes obsession and all. But I still confuse to choose an appropriate and cute name. I have two candidates between shoebsession and shoeporn. Tell me what you think!! 


Friday, August 13, 2010


If I have a magic wand that can erase human's feeling, I probably would erase JEALOUSY in a first place. Every bad thing mostly come from jealousy. Cos it leads us to hatred, resentment, revenge, and in a very bad case, criminality. I know it's pretty hard to not jealous to someone whom prettier, smarter, wittier, richer, etc (the list will go on and on and on). But how long will it end? 

Yes people often have a slip. But we should see this in a clear eyes, think about how much time did we waste only for be jealous of (let's say) someone's success? The truth is, we never walk with their shoes, let alone step into it. We never know if there are painfully tears behind those gorgeous eyes & fancy bags. As I live and breath, I always ensure myself that nobody is perfect. Nobody were perfect. Nobody will be perfect. The thought about imperfection help me a lot to not beating myself up everytime I flip my fingers through fashion magazine where the size 0 models spread in every page. What if we change our jealousy habit with something more meaningful like counting our blessings?
We're all sisters & brothers. We're all equally the same in God's eyes. No one more special or less special than us. We are special, no matter what. I know I'll never have a magic wand to delete jealousy option in life of human being. But I encourage you to use your own magic wand and remove it immediately from your system. Do you know an old lame quote behind every great man there's a great woman? I'll add another line, behind every great woman, there's even a greater woman who feel special about herself every single day and make it happen. 

Free yourself from hatred and jealousy!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Braga Blossom

One of the most historical and artistic area in Bandung is none than the other, Braga Street.
Located in the central Bandung, it is the place where you can see remnants of its colonial past. The once beautiful buildings that line the street are now displays a tired look(in a good way), that's why some photographers find Jalan Braga is a nice spot to take photos. Although it still is one of the sites where history is brought back alive, it's not alive and kicking, but more alive and tired.

Many bars and restaurants scattered all over Braga Street. But what attracted me most were, streetside stalls selling paintings of unknown age and origin. I love the colors that caused my photo a bit colorful :) This kind of thing that you won't find anywhere in Bandung.

However, I came to Jalan Braga the other day to take some pictures. Hoping for a nice and sunny weather, I wore a Karen Millen's one shoulder dress with a huge flower detail on my shoulder. But too bad, as I arrived, the weather suddenly became cloudy and the sun was gone :( So I didn't have much time to take a good photo. Of all photos that we taken, there's only two nice (not great) photos. A bit sad, but I can come back whenever I want to Braga. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Trendy Dresses Are Not Necessarily Your Best Choice For Evening Wear

Trendy Dresses Are Not Necessarily Your Best Choice For Evening Wear

A common mistake made by the larger woman is choosing an evening gown that works against them. Women of all shapes and sizes might express their body issues by choosing an outfit that is either a size larger or a size smaller than the one they should have. Be happy with the positives of your body, and remember that incorrect fitting clothes neither hide blemishes, nor accentuate your curves. Clothes that fit properly look best.

Proper fit is of paramount importance when it comes to finding that perfect dress. You are well advised to not the dress pick you, but for you to pick the dress. An A-line gown will not work for a plus size model, but the plus size gals have lots of choices; dresses designed to minimize the bulk, but amplify the lovely full-figured look. Another consideration is dress material. Some flow better than others, and a flowing dress is ooh-la-la sexy on any size woman. Try it on and check out that mirror. If you're not impressed, no else will be so keep shopping, honey! Success is often just one dress away.

Finding a dress that flatters your figure is essential to you feeling confident in the dress. You will glow in the right dress and feel like a queen but in the wrong dress you will feel out of place and not so good. Dresses with simple cuts such as A-line dresses and sheath dresses are very flattering to plus size women. One of these types of dresses in a dark color such as black or navy blue, is sure to look like a million dollars on you.

Once you have determined what your best feature is you will want to find a dress that plays that up to the greatest extent. For example, if it is your long legs you might want to choose an evening dress with a sexy side slit. If you like your shoulder then an off-the-shoulder dress paired with an attractive necklace and earrings might be just the thing for you. On the other hand if you like your neck and your breasts you might want to go with a plunging V-neck dress (or for the modest plus size gal, a V-neck that is not so plunging!).

Trendy dresses are not necessarily your best choice for evening wear. For an upscale social event you should try and choose something that is classy, stylish and unforgettable. There is much beauty to be found in simplicity. You want to showcase your natural beauty and if you choose to wear something that is too fussy or frilly it can take away from your good looks. You will need to accessorize but remember to choose your accessories carefully. You never want to go to extremes with an outfit for a special occasion.

1950 Style Wedding Gowns - Go For The Classic Look

1950 Style Wedding Gowns - Go For The Classic Look

There are some beautiful modern wedding dress designs available but if you prefer gowns that are copies of the fashions of previous eras there are vintage designs such as 1950 style wedding gowns available too. You will also find Victorian copies of wedding gowns.

It's all down to personal taste and preference but some dresses that are modeled on those that were worn around 1950 have an air of sophistication and style which are second to none. You will find plenty of dress designers online that specialize in such wedding gowns. The dresses can be adapted and modified to suit your preferences.

What Is 1950 Style? - Is It The Wedding Dress You Want?

There are certain attributes of a 1950 wedding dress that are worth outlining. This will help you to determine if a 1950 gown matches your ideal.

o Luscious materials such as silk organza are used for the gown.

o Bolero jackets were at the height of style during the 1950's and were worn over sleeveless dresses.

o Most of the dresses have Basque waistlines, which particularly suits those who want a dress that will hide anything less than a flat stomach.

o The skirts to the dresses are very full and most of them require you to wear a separate petticoat to accentuate the fullness.

o If you want to accessorize the gown with a 1950's style head dress, then veils tended to be attached to "clamp style" hats, worn very close to the head.

o You may also be able to find vintage 1950's jewelry to provide a finishing touch to the style and look.

Celebrity Girl Dress Up

Celebrity Girl Dress Up

People of all ages enjoy celebrity antics and behavior. Even if we hate to watch the latest drama out of Hollywood, it is still hard to turn away when the latest blurb pops up on the evening news. Some of us get a quick fix of the latest starlet drama via entertainment news programs, and others simply scan the headlines at the grocery story.

Still others area more diehard fans and they may frequent celebrity websites or subscribe to magazines that specialize in the latest gossip. However you get your fix of what the Hollywood girls are wearing (or not wearing!) these days, there is a way you probably haven't heard of - online paper dolls.

Celebrity Dolls?

Many celebrity watchers, or devoted non-watchers who keep up with the gossip to prove how non-interested they are, are realizing what a lot of teenage girls have known for years. Paper dolls have moved online and they have gotten much more interesting. The paper dolls of old are long gone, and online paper dolls have styles you wouldn't even think possible.

Most of these websites, such as, are devoted to girl dress up games, and some of the most popular of these are celebrity dress up games. Some of the most prominent stars on television and movies have been used as a model for a base doll, much like an online Barbie, and you can spend hours dressing your favorite Hollywood starlet. There are outfits appropriate for every day or adoption wear right on up to the Academy Awards.

More on Celebrities

The girl dress up is not the only celebrity item on these sites by any means. If you really know your celebs, you can take a stab at various contests that run through the site. For example, a great many dolls have already been created showing starlets in their award show finery. All you have to do is figure out which doll belongs to which star. There are also occasional articles that pertain to celebrity gossip or news items that can be a fun way to kill time every now and again.

Your Celebrity Wardrobe

Even if you're not celebrity obsessed, you might be interested in looking a bit more polished. Most celebrities spend a great deal of time on their look and consult a stylist for major wardrobe purchases or hair style changes (with one notable exception.) You may not be able to afford a stylist, but you can track what the celebrities are wearing and build your own outfits right on the site.

Try out the latest looks of the season on a doll of your choosing to see if you can piece everything together and come up with something truly fashionable, yet uniquely you at the same time. After all, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but nobody wants to become a Hollywood clone.

How to Attract Women - 5 Tips to Dress and to Attract Women

One thing that the women will notice you first is your look. You want to look good in order to be able to attract the girls you like. But looking good include many things. It is the combination of your dress, your appealing personality and your confidence.

Part of your look is about how you dress. In this articl

e, we are going to talk about five tips that you can use to dress up and attract the women you like.

- Create your own dressing style. You don't have to go for the latest trends to be good looking. All you need is to understand how to dress properly and feel positive about it. Make your dress match your personality. The key is to feel comfortabl

e about it and to be confident that this is you

- When you choose whatever to dress, make it neat and free from wrinkles. Women like it that way. Girls will not see you as a slob. Selecting the dress that have good color match is another way to impress others.

- Be consistent in your dressing. This is important especially when you want to impress the girls at your workplace or at your school. Believe it or not

women have special ability in noticing the consistency in your dress.

- Look at the fashion magazines. Check out how you can make yourself look better by modeling someone that you think suitable. It can be a movie

star or an idol. Just make sure that it is still you when you emulate the guy.

- Make it moderate and fun. Don't overdo it. Make sure that you do it optimally. With the moderation, you will be viewed as a guy who is clas

sy and dress properly in all occasions.

All About the Lauren Conrad Printed Brittney Dress

All About the Lauren Conrad Printed Brittney Dress

Who's TV's hottest fashion icon at the moment? Look no further than a little reality tv show on MTV called "The Hills" and it's star, Lauren Conrad. You can find her street style plastered on just about any tabloid he drives sales for other brands as well as her own, the Lauren Conrad collection. And Ms. Conrad has topped herself with the holiday collection of her nearly 1 year old line. And one of the key pieces from this is the must have Lauren Conrad Printed Brittney Dress.

There's really something special about the Lauren Conrad Printed Brittney Dress. The regular Brittney dress comes in a variety of colors. It's a structured tube dress with an a-line skirt, fitted bodice and sweet heart shaped neckline. There's a touch of pleating on the skirt as well, to give it great shape. It's a well fitting, well made dress that looks great on any body type. And it's all kinds of flattering! But most are falling in love with the printed version of the Brittney dress. The shape is the same but it's covered in what looks like brush strokes in warm fall shades of red, blue, yellow and orange. The print is somewhat reminiscent of the 80's, yet the overall effect looks extremely modern.

The Brittney dress is yet another one of Lauren Conrad's favorites from her current collection. And one can tell that from the fact that she's worn it herself. Lauren actually had a business meeting several months ago and showed up in this dress. She really looked amazing, and it fit her perfectly because she is the fit model for the line. Lauren didn't put any accessories with it, but the Brittney dress looks great with a black belt, which is how it is shown in the Lauren Conrad Collection look books. Another great way to make the Brittney dress your own is to pair it with red stockings, or throw on a cropped red cardigan to make it a bit more modest.

Top Models

Top Models

Models are people, either male or female, who act as props for the display of items like dresses, jewelry, accessories and the like. Modeling is basically of two types fashion modeling and commercial modeling.

Fashion modeling is an intrinsic part of the clothing industry. Leading designers rely on fashion models to walk the ramp in fashion shows to display their collections. Fashion models are used for photo shoots also. Such assignments require them to show particular emotions and feelings on their faces. So fashion models need to have a certain amount of acting skills too. Also, it is not unusual for fashion models to use their modeling career as a stepping stone for an acting career.

Fashion models may be either high fashion models or commercial models. Both types churn out a regular crop of top models from time to time. Several top models specialize in high fashion modeling. Artistic themes are used as backdrops for such assignments. These kinds of assignments pay very well and add a lot of value to a model's portfolio. In fact, a few high fashion assignments done with leading photographers is enough to turn a model into a top model.

Commercial models model for assignments like catalogues, cosmetics, various print magazines and the like. Several commercial models also go on to become famous top models with their names being recognized in every household. Top models are often sought after for product endorsements.

Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Twiggy, Gisele Bundchen, Christie Brinkley, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Petra Nemcova, Beverly Johnson, Elle Macpherson, and Janice Dickinson are a few popular top models who are recognized in all households all over America. Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Natalia Vodianova, and Karolina Kurkova are a few of the notable top models of today.

Though photographs of top models with their smiling faces may suggest a luxurious life, it is luxury that is hard earned after hundreds of shows, shoots and the like which would have taken a lot of time and effort.

Faviana Prom Dresses - The Celebrity Designer Prom Dress Specialist

Faviana Prom Dresses - The Celebrity Designer Prom Dress Specialist

Faviana is the must have prom dress for those who want to look like their favorite Hollywood movie star. You can look and feel every bit as fabulous as any star but you don't have to pay the earth for it. You can buy an outfit for as little as $120.

Prom is one of life's rights of passage and most girls want to look and feel special on this most special of nights. Feeling special on the night is largely down to the dress worn and how confident and good you feel wearing it. You want to be different and to stand out therefore it's important that you wear a gown that stands out from the crowd; heaven forbid you wear one that's worn by others on the night.

That's why buying a designer prom dress makes sense. Because they've been designed by leading fashion designers, the gowns tend to be different and of better quality than department store brands. However, some designer prom gowns can be beyond the budget of all but the well-heeled; Jovani, for instance, makes gowns that are loved and worn by move stars but they don't come cheap.

However, you can still buy a dress that's made of excellent fabrics, is well made and owes its styling to gowns you've seen on the big screen. While there are a number of fashion house that produce gowns modeled on the big screen, Faviana prom dress are the first choice for most.

Faviana is a New York based fashion house that has been producing exquisite formal wear for women over many years. Each year the company produces a collection of over 200 styles, in all sizes, so there's bound to be one that's perfect for you.

The company realizes that most girls, while wanting to look as glamorous as any Hollywood actress, isn't going to necessarily have the same budget or body shape as a movie star. Therefore the company offers, not only a wide choice, but a wide price band; prices start for as low as $120. Also, it makes it dresses in all sizes, even plus size, so you can be sure of buying a dress that's going to fit you perfectly.

But Faviana doesn't just copy frocks from the movies. The company is also renowned for its innovative styles. The fabrics used are also first-rate and the attention to detail is amazing - satins, silks and chameuse beautifully adorned with embroidery, sequins and beading.

If you can't afford a Jovani prom dress, you should take a serious look at what Faviana has to offer. Another fashion house worth looking at is Jessica McClintock - Jessica's company has been designing beautiful but affordable dresses for decades. But, whichever dress you choose, be sure to buy the one that's right for you. Don't make the mistake of buying it because your favorite star looks great in that style of gown.

The Perfect Wedding Dress - The A-Line Wedding Gown

The Perfect Wedding Dress - The A-Line Wedding Gown

Choosing a perfect wedding dress is seriously challenging and at times can be difficult. You may have browsed a dozen of beautiful models in magazines wearing glamorous gowns and have seen a number of wedding boutiques the filled you eyes with such wonderful wedding dresses.

But in reality, you must make sure that the style of dress must be compatible to your body shape. As glamorous as they may look on the models you saw on prints, these dream wedding dresses can create disaster on your very special day if it cannot bring out the best cut for your body. To ensure that you will not risk looking less than fabulous on your wedding day, an A-Line wedding dress is a very safe and perfect for anyone who would wear it, especially for petites as it lengthens the overall look of your body.

This type of dress, or commonly known as Princess cut wedding dress does not require you to have a certain built of body or height. Many wedding makers describe this style as a perfect cut for a wedding dress, as this style of dress makes an illusion of longer body and does not accentuate your waistline at all, which makes this the best silhouette for fuller brides.

So if you are getting married and worries about how you will look on your wedding day, the safest style of dress to get is an A-Line cut to make sure you will look just as perfect as the brides in magazines. Choosing an A-Line wedding dress still gives you several options to be unique and glamorous on your wedding day. You can choose to have off shoulder-sleeves, long laced sleeves, spaghetti type straps, or even tubes.

The flair of the long A-Line skirt plays vital role to give a touch of uniqueness of your wedding dress. A satin lace with layered flairs looks so gorgeous, while a single layer laced princess cut dress is simple yet very elegant. Beads and beautiful embroideries give more details to the dress, while long tails add more drama. The real key is proportion of the specific style with your body, like how plunging the necklines be, whether you would want to show some skin or you prefer completely covered arms look.

If you are thin, you may want to have a fuller skirt to make a fuller illusion. You may want to choose a single layer skirt if you have fuller breasts, with off shoulder sleeves to accentuate your shoulders keeping the attention away from your chest. Princess cut wedding dresses are just perfect and safe to make sure that you will look fantastic on your very special day without any risk.

Monday, August 9, 2010

hello summer..

Although Indonesia likely have to say goodbye to summer for good, but I forced myself to wear summer outfit. Bought the ruffle crochet jumpsuit weeks ago but haven't had a proper time to wear it. So let's rock the jumpsuit :)

crochet jumpsuit, white tee (inner), belt: zara
shoes: unbranded
tights: unbranded

sunglasses: Mango

I'm kinda obsessed with Alexander Wang cat-eyes sunglasses, so I manage to buy a lot cheaper one but still get the look :)

Fell in love at the first sight with this jumpsuit because of a very pretty ruffle detail on the front and crochet detail from the back that give it a fresh and summer look.


PS: I hope you guys enjoy my Fashion Smashion feature as much as I do! :)

Lights, Camera, VOGUE!

From now on, I'm adding a new feature in my blog. I decided to name it..... *drumroll*


This feature will be my salvation from my interest in fashion world and shoes. As a beginner, I'll start with capture my outfits. I don't use a professional DSLR Camera which I can't afford, cos my money mostly went out to shoes. But I'll try my best to present something that creative, fun, and affordable.

If you asked me about my personal style, well I don't have any particular style. I wear what I want to wear, whether it's feminine or boyish, flowery or polka dot, or even gothic? Yeap you name it. But please don't expect I'd come up with branded stuff. I tend to mix what's in my closet and style it with some shoes. Actually I want to separate my personal blog with my fashion blog but there are lot things to figure out first. In a meantime, enjoy my new feature and I'm wide open for any commentary and advice from you fabulous readers!


Friday, August 6, 2010


When you have a rainbow deep down in your heart, your smile will shine bright. You know you're a part of that colorful, magical, feeling you'll find, when you have a rainbow inside.

~Have yourself a LOVELY weekend~

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lucky Star


Madonna's Lucky Star song keep spinning around in my head, "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... star light, star bright, make everything alright.. you may be my lucky star, and I'm the luckiest by far......"

I accidentally bumped to this tweet from one of magazine in Indonesia the other day. The tweet written, "Want to walk in Carrie Bradshaw's shoes? Join our My Dream Shoes contest". I got hysterical and then I immediately checked the website, read the term & conditions and yup. I was READY to go.

The contest rule was just simple. Which Sex and The City girl are you? If you already find out, then upload your best photo to their website and the winner will win pairs of Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. O M G. I think I was dying. I am Carrie, that's for sure. First of all: I love shoes, more than anything else in fashion world. If many women put the dress on before the shoes, I do the other way. I pick the shoes first, and then the outfit will follow. The higher the better, weary – didn't care. Blister – didn't care! Second of all, I love writing. I'm not a professional writer like Carrie, but who knows someday I'd be a writer too?

For weeks, I've been thinking how to come up with an original yet authentic idea to win this contest. As usual, my crazy boyfriend lend his hand and voila he turned to be an instant photographer and set builder. He's allergic with Photoshop, so he tried the best shot he could do by using his semi-DSLR camera (a vintage Olympus camera I mean) and his creativity to do me.

the winning photo

My first theme was: My confusion to find a perfect shoes on my date night . LOL. But my boyfriend have a better idea and he turned my room to be magically messy with shoes all over the place and everything else in the floor and on the bed. Well, I guess it's a better idea, so let's do that! We did the photoshoot with so much laughter and I wanted see how if I smoked a cigarette (Carries used to be a smoker), but blahh......UGLY. The picture of me with cigarette is one of the worst photo I've ever took. Finally, at the end of the photo shoot, my bf said, "OKAY THAT'S A WRAP. I've had a kind of positive feeling that you'll be the winner." Me: AMEN.

shoegasm right away!

the breathtakingly beautiful shoes

Few days ago, an announcement has be made and guess what? I am the winner!! Along with other winner named YUNI. I froze a sec, I think I was dying. I won a pair of shoes that I've been dreaming of as long as I care to remember!! Christian Louboutin?! Manolo Blahnik!? INSANE.

So yesterday, I dressed myself up. I've to be as beautiful as I could be to pick up my babies. Despite, I get photographed and will be featured in next issue of the magazine! YAYNESS. When the first time I saw the shoes, I was crying (literally in my heart) and having kind of shoegasm! Somebody PLEASE pinch me and tell me I wasn't dreaming. The magz lady interviewed me and she pretty amazed to see my feet, injured here and there (thanks to my heels) and she said that I deserved the prize. LOL of course! Can't wait to see it publish in a magazine. J


That day I have a thought; dreams do come true, miracles do happen. You just have to believe and God will add a sprinkle of luck. As for me, my boyfriend must be my lucky star, like M sang (I'm the luckiest by far...). He never brings me flower, but instead, he gives me wonderful gifts that no one else can do. He made me won big... TWO times this year. First, New York trip (I knew it cancelled, but if only the visa granted, we both GO!), and now this. Can I ask for more? Last night we practiced the scene where Big proposes Carrie (at SATC 1) and he put the shoes on Carrie's feet. Dieter did the same thing too. Geez it was one of the sweetest moment in my life... Thank you so much sweetheart, you're definitely my Mr. Big..

when Big proposes Carrie with Manolo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes

Vacations and the bright warm sunshine. Light flying cloth, tanned legs, sunglasses
and tender, juicy, but unobtrusive flavor. That is the way we cherish the anticipation of spicy
hot summer.

For us it is not just a time of year, but the period of life when the surrounding reality is perceived brighter, more festive and romantic. We hasten to wear light colourful clothes, and and feel the beauty of the nature even in the big city at least at the level of senses.

Top 10 Perfumes
Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Not by chance a special place in this game take up flavors. The fragrances reveal much more intensively in hot weather than in the cold season, so we should choose the fragrance for hot days very seriously. So today we present you Top 10 Perfumes in 2010.

In summer we prefer light, pleasant, lovely and tender perfumes. And we are fascinated by the combinations of grapefruit, freesia, apple and cherry blossoms, roses, jasmine, violet, fuchsia, ocher and other fresh floral aromas.

Perfume houses present to us special summer fragrances. A lot of them are variations of the well-known perfumes, such as Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo or Love by Nina, Nina Ricci. In such fragrances the perfumers stress just on a few fresh notes. Many fashion houses produce such aromas on the one season limited edition and the next summer they present something new.

And very often all the fresh and floral aromas are called summer fragrances. Though they are sold year round, but in the summer are particularly relevant. They are, for example, Femme, Rochas, Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent or Anais Anais, Cacharel.

In Top 10 Perfumes we’ve chosen the best fragrances that the most fashionable perfume houses presented to us this summer.

Top 10 Perfumes

The aromas which will distinguish you - so sparkling and elegant, chic and light, beautiful and so gorgeous woman.

All these perfumes in our Top 10 Perfumes are deep and very feminine, they will underline your individuality and charm.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 10: Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2010

Sexuality, sensations and scandal - these words are permanently used when we speak about one of the most world-famous brands Calvin Klein. And no wonder. An innovator and experimenter Calvin Klein is well-known for his revolutionary ideas. He is considered to be the founder of "unisex" and "military" styles.

Perfume Line Calvin Klein is a continuation of innovations that he started, is a one more facet of the uninhibited nature. His fragrances are the next step to understanding of freedom. Today Calvin Klein brand is one of the most popular objects of mass culture. CK does not leave anyone indifferent.

Traditionally, each year, Calvin Klein produces a new summer version of the fragrance One.
In CK One Summer 2010 warmth sun are placed in a yellow-orange flacon. Joyful and vibrant scent gives sweet and vivid dreams of summer pastimes, creates a magical aura, filled with sunshine dreams and excellent mood. This perfume will underline your sensuality, attractiveness and charm. It is the aroma of passionate, bright, tender and mysterious woman. So, as one of the best summer perfumes it couldn't miss the  Top 10 perfumes.

The aroma reveals fruit and berry notes: pear, tangerine and live energy of lemon. Organically combinating with notes of watermelon, the composition gives rise to fruit cocktail temptations. You can enjoy the wonderful aromas of mandarin, Kaffir lemon zest and pears. Heart notes are violet leaves combined with marigold, calendula. Gentle lily and lemon verbena add depth and natural femininity to this flavor. Sophisticated and sensual base reveals a velvet sound of patchouli, opluent notes of cedar and vetiver notes of silk. This perfume gives the sence of the first touch of the sun to your skin. It is a really fascinating aroma, full of love and pleasure. It fills the world with colours, delight, tenderness and love. It teases, charms, it is gorgeous, breathtaking and admirable.

This sensual fragrance was created for the modern young lady with impeccable taste and sense of beauty.

Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith

I never cry this hard when it comes to read a book. But turned out, this book is different. It touched me in many ways that the author could possible touch his readers with his book. Well in this case, Mitch Albom come up with his beautifully written, a soft and caring, a based on true story book called Have a Little Faith. He has a way of helping you walk a mile in his shoes as he learns to walk a few miles in someone else's shoes. The book focuses on two men, one of which is a rabbi named Albert Lewis and the other one is an African-American pastor named Henry Covington. However, the true essence of the book is Albom's own walk with his faith that more or less, tickled me how I walk with my own faith.

The soft and caring tale begins when Albert Lewis, the singing rabbi, who happened to be Albom's childhood rabbi asks him to do his eulogy when he dies. Albom accepted and he begins to meet more regularly with The Reb or simply he call him, Al (Albert's nickname). One meeting leads to another, Albom ask many questions to know him more. From his family, his past, his point of view from many religions in this world, and most of all, his faith, his belief, what he believes in. The story continue with Albom's encounters with the second man on this book, Henry Covington. He's an inner-city pastor who runs a Detroit mission with a hole in its roof. Henry Covington was former convict, drugs abuser, dealer, and once involved in a murder. These encounters soon cause Albom to confront his own childhood Jewish faith and the Christian faith of Henry.

I'll write some of my favorite quotes from this book. Albom admitted that he pretty much walked away from his faith. "I attended no services. Who had time? I was healthy. I was making money. I was climbing the ladder. I didn't need to ask God for much, and I figured, as long as I wasn't hurting anyone, God wasn't asking much of me either."

I gasped. That's exactly how I often feel regarding my relationship with God. :(

Albom's thought about the Reb or often he referring him as the Man of God. "There was, in the construction of the universe, us down here, God up there, and you in between. When God seemed too intimidating to face, we could first come to you. It was like befriending the secretary outside the boss's office."

There's this part when Albom questioning a "Greatest Question of All" to Al. He asked "How do you know God exists?". Albom said, "We live in a world where your genes can be mapped, where your cells can be copied, where your face can be altered. Heck, with surgery, you can go from being a man to being a woman. We have science to tell us of the earth's creation; rocket probes explore the universe. The sun is no longer a mystery. And the moon - which people used to worship? We brought some of it home in a pouch, right? So why, in such a place, where the once-great mysteries have been solved, does anyone still believe in God or Jesus or Allah or a Supreme Being of any kind? Haven't we outgrown it? Isn't it like Pinocchio, the puppet? When he found he could move without his strings, did he still look the same way at Geppetto?"

Reb Al simply answered, "No matter how small they take it back, to a tadpole, to an atom, there is always something the can't explain, something that created it all at the end of the search. And no matter how far they try to go to the other way – to extend life, play around with the genes, clone this, clone that, live to one hundred fifty - at some point, life is over. And the what happens? When life comes to an end?" Al leaned back. He smiled. "When you come to the end, that's where God begins."

When Al encountered a doctor whom an atheist, he said something like, "It is far more comforting to think God listened and said no, than to think that nobody's out there".

Another intriguing question that Albom ask was about happiness. Al tried to define the word "Happiness" by saying, "The number of marriages that have disintegrated when they had all the stuff in the world. The families who fought and argued all the time, when they had money and health. Having more does not keep you from wanting more. And if you always want more – to be richer, more beautiful, more well known - you are missing the bigger picture, and I can tell you from experience, happiness will never come." So have we solved the secret of happiness? "I believe so," he said. Are you going to tell me? "Yes. Ready?" Ready. "Be satisfied." That's it? "Be grateful." That's it? "For what you have. For the love you receive. And for God has given you." That's it? He looked me in the eye. Then he sighed deeply. "That's it".

You know what? I just get slapped in my face right away. Sometimes, we're as human beings often feel discomfort and unsatisfied for what we have. Al was right. When we always keep wanting more, we'll stop at one point where it's too little too late to realize how lucky we are. Then, we're missing the bigger picture.

There are many other parts from this book that I'd really want to write in my blog, such as those thoughtful sermons. But I think it would be even nicer if you read the book and experience the journey all by yourself. If I write here mostly about Albert Lewis, it doesn't mean I have no respect for Pastor Henry. I really admired him the way he deal with his life. Dare I say, I think he already know how it feels to be in heaven and hell. It's a good thing that finally he asked forgiveness to God and turn his life upside down, from a convict a.k.a drugs abuser, stealer, and drugs dealer.. and become a Pastor.

This book is refreshingly simple. It doesn't try to overwhelm you with elaborate symbolism or shallow religios stuff. Albom masterfully handles class, religious, and economical differences, as well as, many other issues that we face in our everyday lives without passing final judgement. The book is a journey, but it's up to the reader as to where the final destinations end. As for me, my journey ends in a way that can't even describe in one word. I feel relieved. Yes I feel wrong through all this time, but don't we all. Hence, the book. So please, if you have a little bit amusement here and there and keep questioning about faith and what's above you, do read this book. But then again, the final destination is in your heart.