Friday, September 26, 2008

holiday (^________^)v

I just wanna share a song that I really love nowadays! Can't stop listening to it. LOL.
Here it is:
the closest person to "HIP HOP" --- NAS
and talented black lady: LAURYN HILL. enjoy :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cutesy Girlz PO II

current mood: PO II is OPEN NOW!! *excited!!*

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Hi Fashionista,
we proudly present our new collection on Pre-Order II (period Sept 20 - Sept 30).
hundreds of new items such as:
- feminine dress & tops
- casual & sporty tees
- bags, belts, n scarfs
- "big is beautiful" album
- many more to come!!
~~~~~ PROMO for the Session ~~~~~
***Get 10% discount for 10 first buyers
***Get additional 5% for old buyers
***Free shipping for purchase 3 items n more
*** Additional discount for purchase 5 items and more
We only provide a high quality dresses at the LOWEST PRICE!! (Come and see for yourself)
So, what are you waiting for?
Grab it fast gals!!!
SMS 081809088995 to order.

check out CUTESY GIRLZ to see our new collection!! ORDER NOW!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hpy burfdae

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Last week, my two girls celebrated their birthday!!
First of all, my sister Imelda, who celebrated her 26th birthday on last Friday (Sept 12)
Gawd, how can I describe her? She's a multi-talented, luckiest, toughest girl
in the world! You'll be amazing if I write down her Curriculum Vitae here! She's been through many storms in her life, and that what makes her stand the way she is now. You won't believe every goal that she has achieve in her life. Too many to list. Too long to mention. She's just.. Incredible!! (I'd wish I can be like her someday, LOL) That's way too dreamy.
I always pray that she will get what she's been dreaming of, reach another milestone, and wish the best for her!!

In the other side of this world...

My girl Amy was also celebrating her 25th birthday on Sept 14th.
She's a very talented woman, the best female song-writer I've ever heard in ages (after I discovered Madonna 10 years ago). But of course she can't be compared with
M, she's totally different. M always has a nice package PLUS lil bit controversial during her 25 years career (obviously, it makes her stay in this business).

Amy is a real honest, she's the truth. She writes all the lyrics and tunes herself on her guitar, and based on her true story. She sings with her heart. You can feel her every time you hear her songs or watch her perform. With Amy, what you see is what you get
. If you want to hear her play, just give her a guitar and she'll play songs for you. She doesn't need a huge stadium and lots of properties for her show, she only need her true fans to listen to her songs. BUT! It's Amy Winehouse couple years ago.

Amy now is still battling with her addiction, while her husband is in jail. Why Amy? I once think that her motto is "Live Fast Die Young". You'll feel sorry if you see her last picture of her. I feel terrible too. And the person who can save Amy is Amy herself.
Please Ames, get yourself altogether!! I know deep down inside
I've lost hope for her (considered from her recent pictures). But I always pray the best for you ^^,)
and guess what? She LOVES kids!! (just like I do!)
Amy with the kids

Happy burfdaeee my girls!! Wish u all the bezt


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Step into Fashion Modeling Industry

Nowadays fashion modeling is very competitive career because lots of youngsters choosing the fashion modeling as career. You need to do lots of hard work to become a fashion model because it is all about glamour and body. So if you have beautiful face, good height and well shaped body than you can also become a model.

If you want to become fashion model then first concentrate on body first. For woman model good curvy body is necessary and for male models the strong body is enough. You have to prepare your body according to the modeling category. Like to become a bikini model you need good curves of body however in runway modeling it is not too much important just flat body is enough.

After this prepare your modeling portfolio. It is very important when you are new to fashion modeling. Then contact the best modeling agencies which helps you lot to find model jobs. These modeling agencies usually have contacts with different fashion designers and companies where model needed. So you do not have to work hard for job and you properly concentrate own your modeling talent.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

there's always a second chance

current mood: irritated

Baby you've hurt me.

Autour de moi
Je ne vois pas
Qui sont les anges
Surement pas moi
Encore une fois
Je suis cassée
Encore une fois
Je n’y crois pas
All around me
I could not see
Who are the angels
Surely not me
Once more again
I am broken
Once more again
I don’t believe it

I've been so high
I've been so down
Up to the skies
Down to the ground


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cutesy Girlz

current mood: still busy.

Hi all. How's the Saturday nite? Hope it's as good as mine.
I had a pretty fun time, keeping yourself busy is a great way to stay young and healthy. LOL
This morning, I was searching an accounting journal for my final thesis, while I replied all orders from my customers. My fingers were dancing all over the keyboard! Then I went to campus to met my teacher, and my boyfriend picked me up for our "weekend-date". LOL.

One thing that left me a HUGE question mark on my head is:
TODAY, there are at least 5 friends of mine who ask "When will you marry?"
I mean, FIVE. Wow, at the same day! And I was like, "Where'd you get it? Do I sit in the "hot seat" of gossip world?" LOL. I couldn't help but LMAO.
And what did I say? "AMEN!" ^__________^

I took it as a wish for us to get marry soon, although I'm NOT going to marry anytime soon. No No. I'm not ready, we're not ready actually..
But my boyfriend said, "I can't wait to marry you. We can build a small happy family", (he says this very often, almost once to twice a week)
and I was like, "What? Are you drunk?" "Get real!!"
I don't know if it's kind of BS but I think he's serious, and he makes me scared. I know that I've been in this relationship for 5.5 years (and STILL COUNTING), but we're too young.. He's 23, I'm 21. He's totally NUTS. LOL

I'm not going to answer all the questions related to married-life, cos once again, I'm not going to marry anytime soon, and I just want to say : AMEN. Thanks for your wish! LOL.
Honestly, I used to think that I want an "early marriage", but not anymore. There are still many dreams to catch, and a lot things to do. I really really LOVE my boyfriend, but our short-term plan for now is building a small business together, just two of us. "Marriage" (of course), will be our long-term plan :)

Wish us luck.. Wish us luck..
Finger crossed.

Update #1: Next stop? Accessory store at Istana Plaza. We're opening soon!
Update #2:
Oh jeez I forgot to left an ad for my Online Boutique. Here we go agaiN!!

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