Thursday, December 23, 2010

addio 2010...

Twelve months have passed since we kissed 2009 goodbye.. And welcomed 2010. At the turn of that year, we never know what was coming..
Each and every single day of 2010 tell a different story and left a different memory. Some good and some not too good. The almost 365 days journey bring me to a new place and dare I say, a whole new "me". 

The year 2010 have been a wonderful year, yet a learning year for me. As time has been a very tremendous teacher, yet a great punisher. It took me to a lot new places, whether outside and INSIDE of me that I never thought of. I've learned a lot this year. A lot more than the previous year. Let me review best moment of 2010.... 


  • Just read my 2010 resolution and couldn't help myself but laugh. It's sooooo friggin funny and even there are several points that came true this year. But too bad I haven't had a chance to take short courses, like make up course, and learn French and Chinese language :( In fact, I was busy learning Italian (did you notice that my posts often come up with Italian phrase? Even I named this post in Italian. LOL)
  • Arlin's Sweet 17th birthday party. The party went good, but the drama behind the scene, was too good to be missed and impossible to forget. We were literally smiling (and) crying on that night. I hope my sister learned from her bad experience...
  • Dieter's birthday. I ordered a customize cake for Dieter on his birthday. It was a cake with Valentino Rossi in it, completed with his bike and all the decorations. I left a short message written, "Happy birthday Dieter. See you at Sepang". Be careful of what you wish for cos you just might get. And yet we finally made it to Sepang
  • First mother - daughter trip :) We're going to Singapore, had a little shopping and culinary trip there. It was a short, fun, and memorable trip!
  • 7th year anniversary. Just wow. Never thought we would make it this far. We've gone way too far from what I expected at the first time I met him eight years ago. Try us! We've been there, done that.  Zip your lips, haters! In fact, we're still going strong and prepare to celebrate our 8th years on next March. Ti amo... D.
  • I was busy preparing my essay and photo due to Me and My City Contest! I was so excited at the moment cos I always be a huge fan of Sex and The City. And the contest's winners will fly to New York to attend SATC2 premiere! I was like, shoot me! I'd do anything to win this contest.
  • Guy from HP called me when I was half naked (cos I just done showered), and he said that I was the WINNER of Me and My City Contest. I jumped and screamed and jumped and screamed. I immediately called Dieter and he was like, muting. Dead silence. He even hang up on me and called a second later and asked, "are you crazy or something?". I said, "hell yeah, we're going to New York!"
  • We're beyond ecstatic and we started to prepare everything. But unfortunately, our visa was rejected. I was fall apart, couldn't stop crying for awhile and even couldn't watch either Sex and The City or E! News that broadcasting live report from NYC premiere (red carpet moment). Cos I HAD to be there! But finally I could accept all this and move on with my life. You guys..... Call me nuts or something, but how can you cope with the situation where you can go to NEW YORK CITY for free and you unable to go because some stupid issue! That's why I wrote this. Cos I was so so so upset :(
  • Daisy and Alvin wedding party was held in Bali. My friends and I had soooo much fun there, actually too much fun. As always, the drama always follows everywhere I go. Am I the drama queen or something? I'd love to make peace y'all! Anyway, the wedding party was wonderful... Moreover the "crazy" after party till we all passed out! You guys pulled out a fabulous party. And Bali, has always been a sin city. *evil grin
  • The season of World Cup has started and the fever already everywhere. The fever was OK, Shakira's waka waka is awesome too! But am I the only one who doesn't like gamble
  • Just in time for... my birthday :) I had one of the most memorable birthday this year. I was so thankful cos I've surrounded with all loving people and I could celebrate it in a decent, modest way. I did a lot introspection and there were so many thoughts and questions mark left in my mind. But overall, I was happy :)
  • Once again, I've won a contest. This time, the contest held by CLEO magazine. I was shocked cos I thought I wouldn't make it. It's like a dream come true... I've been dreaming of those pair of designer shoes for my whole life. And right now, they're daintily sitting in my shoe-closet :) The rule applied again: Be careful of what you wished for cos you just might get... I'm a lucky star ^^
  • My cute nephew, Lionel Joaquin was born to this world on September 10th. We were anxiously waiting outside the operation room and suddenly, the nurse came out and she brought the baby!! OMG he was so tiny, cute, and handsome. We wondered, whose face was this? My brother was in tears when he held his baby for the first time. We swept off by the whole situation and in so much joy. Welcome to the world! XOX
  • Got featured in CLEO Magazine cos I won the contest they held last month! I haven't get a chance to scan the page... Too bad :( But I'll surely post it later.
  • I got Italian fever right away after I back from Sepang, Malaysia. I watched motoGP LIVE from the circuit for the first time with couple of friends and Dieter. I was so lucky to have this photo with Valentino Rossi, an idol and a living legend in motoGP world. I couldn't forget his warmth sight... I'm soooo coming back next year!! PS: Dieter and I surprisingly got featured in Valentino Rossi official website! Separately! That was so strange. You can go there and have a look! Go to season 2010 - Malaysia (Sepang). And there we are.... Tada!

  • not the best moment but, there are so many wedding parties in November-December. It left me sick with those patronize questions about when's my turn. blah.... 
  • successfully managed the best best best moment in my whole 2010, charity for Merapi and Mentawai. I am so proud and grateful that I could do such a little thing to help people in need.. But the sincerity that counts... And I thanked you all for your sincere help and donations. 
  • got a very beautiful gift from my sister Imelda. A mirror. With a lovely card written, "Hope you're not loosing your confidence because you're pretty and priceless. Everytime you look into the mirror, just remember the above sentence". Thank you so much, sister :) It means a lot to me and a little bit more brought back my long-lost confidence in me.. 
  • Am I in heaven or what? Exactly yesterday, I got an email that stated I won a photo contest that held by one of the biggest shopping mall in Jakarta, Pacific Place Mall. The prize is...... SONY digital camera!! I feel like flying :) Thank you so much!! Never thought I'd be the winner.. 
  • Have yourself a merry little Xmas!! May peace and joy be your gift at Christmas and your blessing throughout the year! 
  • NYE is just few sleeps away! Have a fabulous party peeps :)

Good times, bad times, it was the memory that remain still.. Addio 2010.. 
I'm sincerely wishing everyone have a peaceful Xmas and lovely New Year :) Thank you for stick with me and my blog through all the year. Happy holiday!! XOXO

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giuseppe Zanotti T-bar platform sandal

I know I haven't write my Shoebsession post for such a long time. But that doesn't mean I lost my interest in shoes. Shoes would always be the love of my life. 

This time, I wanna confess about my obsession to t-bar shoes.
And Giuseppe Zanotti is successfully caught my eyes.
Saw it first at net-a-porter and was falling in love instantly. With heel approx 5.5 inches, this oh-so-flirtatious platform sandals made from snakeskin-embossed leather in cream color. Yummy! 

I imagine myself wearing it with embellished bodycon minidress and messy hair.. Or just simply pair it with loose top in same color, denim shorts, hobo handbag and you're ready to go!
Giuseppe Zanotti T-Bar platform sandals

5.5 inches!

snakeskin embossed leather 

Anyone interested to buy? Click here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

one down, million to go...

I'm talking about wedding parties and those patronizing noise sounds "when's your turn?". I sometimes joked, "oh, next February! Just wait for the invitation." and my friend replied, "how come you didn't tell me?". And I was like, "why should I?"

Anyway, other than draining my wallet, wedding parties bring a good thing too such as, I can do my own make up now! My sister learned to be a make up artist, so we decided to buy some make up palettes and start to experience by ourselves.
I've always loved make up and have a pretty complete collection at home. But a girl always want for more. So last week I bought some new essentials make ups like:

  1.  Foundation ~  I have mixed feeling with my MUFE HD Foundation, cos many other make up artist often use the Face n Body rather than HD. But I bought it anyway Verdicts: soft and silky and blend perfectly in my face. And as promised, look great on photo. It's less shiny than Face n Body, perfect for my normal to oily skin.
  2. Base make up ~ my friend suggested me to buy the base from Shiseido, so our make up would last a little longer and oil free. Verdicts: my make up last longer without any touch up needed, love it!
  3. Loose powder ~ I've been using Estee Lauder pressed powder for almost two years now, so I decide to buy EL's loose powder too. Although I used MAC studio fix as my compact powder. Verdicts: light as air, I always use brush better than its sponge. Great for everyday use. 
  4. Blush on ~ my biggest beauty obsession would always be looking healthy, glowing tan. But I still couldn't achieve the look :( When I visited MUFE counter, the SA told me to try Aqua Creme (that can be use as blush on, eyeshadow, and lipstick also) in gold shade. Verdicts: you must apply aqua creme after foundation / before powder cos it's a bit glittery (to achieve the glowing look). Apply it simply with your finger and you'll be amazed how it turn to be. I LOVE LOVE it! 
  5. Liquid eye liner ~ I tried YSL this time after being a devotee of Kanebo eyeliner for years. Verdicts: I admit its longevity and water proof formula, but I still don't like the applicator. Too thin. Maybe I'll switch back to Kanebo later.
  6. Lipglass and lipsticks ~ I'm a huge fan of all glossy things for my lips! This time I only added MAC lipglass to my collection which I'm sure you knew how it was. And Estee Lauder lipsticks in nude and pink shade (they were left in my cosmetic bag somewhere so I haven't take a pic of them)
  7. Palette ~ after careful consideration, my sister and I finally decided to buy NYX make up palette. Beside its price that didn't hurt my bank account, NYX turned out great too. Contains 36 eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks, 4 blush on, and highlighter... I think it's more than enough for us as a beginner. 

MUFE HD foundation and MUFE aqua creme

base make up

    Estee Lauder loose powder, YSL liquid eyeliner, and MAC lipglass

    Here's my first experience!! 
    I know it's so far away from perfect, but at least I've tried. I did my own make up, but still had to go to the hair salon and get my hair done.

    first try

    with my bestie, Inez

    pretty daughters with even prettier mom :)

    love my eyes make up

    I have many more wedding parties to attend! I'll keep posting the photos and share my looks and beauty experience! It's way much better to share those kind of experience than complaining about same old sh*t isn't it? 

    proud aunty!!

    As time goes by, my cute nephew Lionel is now 3 months old!! 
    He's so chubby!! His mom takes him to my house at least once a week. What do you think? He made this "angry" expression till we laughed so hard. LOL
    You know what's the funniest part? My brother Kenrick was like jealous, seeing Lionel stole everyone's attention. So my Mom forced Ken to take a photo with Lionel to prove that they love each other. How funny!

    with Uncle Kenrick! 

    xmas-phere :)

    We're a few days away to Xmas!! No wonder every malls (especially in Jakarta) glam up themselves with a wonderful Xmas theme. 
    Last weekend we finally catch a glimpse of Xmas at Pacific Place. We welcomed by a huge transparent snow ball, a little stage (that I later learn used by children whom performed ballet), and many xmas trees scattered all over the mall. There's also a fake snow twice a day (mostly during the performance)
    Anyway, each and every tree has a different theme such as:

    • Microsoft hardware xmas tree (yes it was made by motherboards. Keyboard, and mouse as its ornaments!)
    • Vivere gift tree (made by photo frames and mainly flowers)
    •  Fiber glass xmas tree
    • Wooden xmas tree
    • Sprite xmas tree. LOL

    And you know what? I didn't bring a camera with me! That's kinda sucks to snapped some beautiful pictures with only a camera phone :( 
    But here they are..... Enjoy!

    Sprite xmas tree. LOL
    love is in the air <3

    white xmas tree

    In between photo shoots, we had brunch at Potato Head and met a very cute little boy named Lawson. He kept looking at me and smiled all the time!!! His Mom introduced his little boy to me and Dieter even took him to play. OMG I really wanted to pinch him but afraid his Mom would mad at me. LOL. So here's me, pretended to take a photo, with a bit flash of him. =D

    me wiv lil Lawston :)

    how cute he was <3

    Later that night, my sister Imelda asked us to dinner at Japanese restaurant. Geez I forgot the name, but it's located at Nikko Hotel. I ordered the hottest one, called Zigoku Ramen, and guess what? I get diarrhea the next day! >.<
    But of course, I'll come back for more!!! LOL

    From all photos above, here's one of my favorite... Naturally beautiful :)

    my fave photo!!

    Now let's embrace the xmas time by spreading love, joy, and peacefulness around us 

    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    independent.. curse - or blessing?

    So when you in a middle of 7+ years relationship, there's no other way but up.... or down. Down meaning a very painful break up with zillion memories that will mar your mind forever. Up meaning you take your relationship to the next level.. You might wanna up the ante. 

    Sooner than later, you'd be picturing yourself ponder about the future. A house holds the key to the future you've been dreaming of. And then you realize that real estate cost a fortune. Somehow right before you fall asleep at night, you wonder how your friend was so lucky to have a very generous parent whom bought them a house. They don't even have to think about the furniture. Dad spread his magic wand and even more magical mantra (that happened come from his bank account) and voila! They have one way ticket to the future! 
    You whine, are there any shortcuts to the future? And how you and your loved one must struggle so much through all this time to make it happen. Were you envy them? 


    I guess not.
    We started our relationship from scratch, all the way from zero when we were so young and naive... Till time had us learned our lessons. Taught us with so many trials along this bumpy road of life. When we bubble up about life and consider ourselves that we knew better than anyone else (thanks to our togetherness), suddenly life dare us for one big thing: INDEPENDENT. Could we? 

    There's always price to pay. When we decide to be fully independent and ignore all helping hand that matters, we have to prepare ourselves. With loads of ammunitions such as mental, thick skin, hard work, spirit, and faith before heading to the battlefield. The ammunitions that we've been collecting for almost eight years.
    This is it. 
    Like a war zone, we never knew what was coming. Enemy attacked from every side that possible. We have to be fully aware and endeavor to stay alive and fling off the bullet. 
    Will we come as winner? Once again, time will have an opportunity to answer the big question.

    We'll fight till our last breath. Nobody say it's gonna be easy. But at least we've had challenge ourselves and take a shot, than not at all.. And someday... it would all be worth it.


    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    runaway bride

    can we just runaway... till there's no one find us?
    no strings attached
    no fuss no rush 
    just you and me