Thursday, December 9, 2010

independent.. curse - or blessing?

So when you in a middle of 7+ years relationship, there's no other way but up.... or down. Down meaning a very painful break up with zillion memories that will mar your mind forever. Up meaning you take your relationship to the next level.. You might wanna up the ante. 

Sooner than later, you'd be picturing yourself ponder about the future. A house holds the key to the future you've been dreaming of. And then you realize that real estate cost a fortune. Somehow right before you fall asleep at night, you wonder how your friend was so lucky to have a very generous parent whom bought them a house. They don't even have to think about the furniture. Dad spread his magic wand and even more magical mantra (that happened come from his bank account) and voila! They have one way ticket to the future! 
You whine, are there any shortcuts to the future? And how you and your loved one must struggle so much through all this time to make it happen. Were you envy them? 


I guess not.
We started our relationship from scratch, all the way from zero when we were so young and naive... Till time had us learned our lessons. Taught us with so many trials along this bumpy road of life. When we bubble up about life and consider ourselves that we knew better than anyone else (thanks to our togetherness), suddenly life dare us for one big thing: INDEPENDENT. Could we? 

There's always price to pay. When we decide to be fully independent and ignore all helping hand that matters, we have to prepare ourselves. With loads of ammunitions such as mental, thick skin, hard work, spirit, and faith before heading to the battlefield. The ammunitions that we've been collecting for almost eight years.
This is it. 
Like a war zone, we never knew what was coming. Enemy attacked from every side that possible. We have to be fully aware and endeavor to stay alive and fling off the bullet. 
Will we come as winner? Once again, time will have an opportunity to answer the big question.

We'll fight till our last breath. Nobody say it's gonna be easy. But at least we've had challenge ourselves and take a shot, than not at all.. And someday... it would all be worth it.