Monday, February 8, 2010

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Hello Everyone,

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

hello february..

as boring as it sounds, time moves so fast!!!

something bad happened with my sister, she's done one thing that made all of our family member UPSET. She's LYING. about everything (and hummilliating), for 6 fucking months! she manipulated us all. the DIRTY secret finally revealed... BUT.. too little too late. she kept it hidden cos she afraid my parents would cancel her birthday party.
and when this happened, it's too late to cancel the party, the invitations have been sent, to 200 people! that's crazy.

I was upset cos my parents couldn't explicitly punish her. come on, with the mistakes she has made, she should be grounded! BUT instead of punish her, my parents preserve the party. WHY? if i did something bad in the past (not as bad as her) , i get punished.

The party held on Saturday, January 30th in one hip club in Bandung. It went success though. We already forgave her, but we couldn't that easy FORGET it. I mean, it was a very very horrible thing to happened. And I knew the worse story than that. My sister is a BIG MESS!

I hope she had her lesson. Experience always be a best teacher, ONLY if you realize it. If you don't, you'll make the same mistake & fall into same black hole. It turns out, my little sister is not LITTLE anymore. Man, she's unexpected!

As for me,

recently I often argued with my boyfriend. I think he's waaaay too mature for his age. I mean, he's in 20-25 age box (you know, the box when we fill in the survey), but his brain is definitely in 35-40! If he's a runner, then he's a sprint runner! He's ambitious, hard worker, and full of spirits. I can't catch him, let alone get along with him!
I feel bad with myself, cos in my age, I'm still a spoil bunny.

and the next thing I know, he complained about my shopping habit. I upset, but I must admit that all things that came from his mouth were TRUE.
We have this dream wedding, dream house, dream honeymoon, and many other dreams. How can we actualize it if I stand still and he's running alone? We BOTH have to chase our dream. He said that he needs me to support him, and he wants me to be more independent. I can't depend on him every time cos he afraid, if something bad happen to him, then who will take care of me other than my own self?

He also said from now on, I have to start SAVING and invest my money to something more useful, like golds, instead of shoes & bags. I'm so selfish, I'm too busy thinking what should I wear, where's the next sale, and blahblahblah, whereas my dear boyfriend NEEDS my support!
I'm so sorry... He gives me another shot to change, and I won't miss it.

Why is it so hard to kick bad habit? I don't personally think shopping is a bad habit. But everything has its own perfect timing. Maybe this time I should pay more attention to my business, to my future with my boyfriend. There r many precious thing to concern than just a fashion statement.

can somebody slap me please? i'm such a bitch.