Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short Hair Styles
Alicia Keys is able to wear any hairstyle by incorporating her own flare into it. She has worn her hair extremely long and also at shorter lengths. Here we see her with shoulder length hair. She is embracing the natural curl look we have come to love on her. This style has not only grace, but class. The side part adds depth to this Shoulder length hairstyle with lots of curls.

Short Hairstyle Pictures For Curly and Layered Hair
Pictures of short hair styles  on this article are quite stylish with layers, texture, curls and the long bang. The long bang is showing up everywhere with virtually all hair styles, short, medium and long, as a new trend.

Short hair style.
Short hairstyles - Why is it so popular? Simply, there is a cut for all women and this hairstyle idea is being used as not just as a fashion, but a lifestyle statement. Short hairstyles - and life change - Kylie Mynogue was a celebrity that had it forced upon her but when she recovered from Chemotherapy and made her first appearance, she looked wonderful and launched the hairstyle of 2009 - 2010 to have.

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle

Celebrity short hairstyles
A lot of women have short hairstyles. Hot celebrities demonstrate theirs beauty hairstyles on these pics.

The Short Bob hairstyle
The Short Bob hairstyle  suits square and oval shaped faces. so, If you have a very round face, get a longer version. The Short Bob hairstyle is ideal for straight hair. To get that gamine, face-hugging effect, the longest length of a piece of hair should be about one inch above the chin.

Very Short Hair Styles
Enjoying her drink Maria Ozawa received a call from her men seeking single girlfriend Jessica who owns one of the beautiful, elegant, very short celebrity hairstyles which shine as sassy as the teeth shine after a treatment with a professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.

running in heels... LITERALLY

OK. This is the most hilarious thing that I've ever seen on TV!
You gotta see for yourself

So these girls were running in their minimum 7.5 centimeters stiletto! 
The winning team a.k.a The Pinkettes have earned themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Record for running the fastest in heels.The four girls completed the 263-foot course in just....... one minute and four seconds! That was AMAZING. 
More than a hundred women took part in a stiletto race in Sydney, Australia to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The event raised almost $10-thousand. 
A good cause that placed you at Guinness Book :)

I guess I could win those race some other time. I hope Indonesian get inspired by them. LOL.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Resident BOOEvil

Alice in a same old flick
Now I know I don't have to expect too much when it comes to movie franchises, let alone Resident Evil. I think audiences got pretty tired with the last three movies which were basically have the same plot. Alice against Umbrella Corp. Too bad I didn't see this movie in 3D, that I believe would have given a bit of an edge.

The movie begins when Alice played by Milla Jovovich is trying to destroy the Umbrella Corp using her newly discovered clones and goes deep inside Umbrella Head Quarters in Tokyo to kill Wesker, played by Shawn Roberts. Afterlife is simply more the same excuse to have big special effects and continue a plot that simply seems will never end with Umbrella continuing on forever in the next 'afterlife'.
The monsters in this movie were good, but I think the zombies don't really play much of a part in the horror and are simply there just to add to the atmosphere. Also, I felt that near the end, it borrows too much from the Matrix and was really nothing original. But I especially liked the scene where Alice and Claire battled the Axeman in the bathroom. I imagined it would be very very good when you watch it in 3D.

After all... One wonders how much lower can the franchise go now. I'm not saying this isn't entertaining nor is it visually nice, but I think if they keep doing this over and over, it's gonna wear thin pretty soon. I know technology is one huge thing now, but somewhat I find myself longing for original classic movie that really show the real talent of the casts and thick plot. Well that's just my two cents :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

latest short hair styles
There are classic short hairstyles which remain popular, and then there are those styles which come and go and remain trendy in the world of fashion. While creating these hairstyles, and finding inspiration for the latest styles for short hair…

short hair
Latest Collection of Short HairStyles. It contains a large collection of very nice Short HairStyles along with Pakistani Girls Dresses, Indian Girls Dresses, Bridal Dresses, Jewellary designs, Girls Skin Care  and Beauty.Are you contemplating a change of hairstyle, thinking of going from long to short? If so, you might have concerns, especially if you have never worn your hair short before. However, as you will see from the following information, there are numerous reasons to considering any number of short hair styles.

Hairstyles Gallery
She is embracing the natural curl look we have come to love on her. This style has not only grace, but class. The side part adds depth to this Shoulder length hairstyle with lots of curls.

Short Bob Hairstyle
Short Hairstyles

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i wish... // i want...

Paul Arden.. The late Paul Arden. Even though he's gone, but his books will always live to lift everyone whom weary and need spirit to go on and continue their life. 

Yes the previous week was a total disaster. The problem suddenly popped up in one peaceful day. As I said gazillion times earlier, I never ever have a freedom of speech at home. Children have mouth but don't allow to use it. Whatever parents say, children just nodding and nodding. Disagreement is strictly forbidden. 

I couldn't write in here the exact problem. But it's HUGE. They've been unfair. To me. To my boyfriend. And now they force me to get married. Buy house. Pay mortgage. Have babies. 
For the very first time in my life, I DENIED those shits. They said that me and my boyfriend have been too long together. So what? We're grown up. We would never act like a fool. We know what we are doing. We know what we are capable of. 

They blabbing about tradition. I said it has nothing to do with my life. They accused me as an old maid. I said that I'm still twenty fucking three. They can say whatever they want to say cos I won't hear anymore. 

Just in time, God likely sent His message through Paul Arden. 

 I WISH MEANS: wouldn't it be nice if... 
 If you always make the right decision., the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else. 
ALWAYS wishing life was DIFFERENT
I WANT MEANS:  if I want it enough I will get it.
Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want. Not the decisions those around you think you should make. Making the safe decisions is dull, predictable and leads nowhere new. 
The unsafe decision causes you to think and respond in a way you hadn't thought of. And that thought will lead to other thoughts which help you achieve what you want.
Start taking bad decisions and it will take you to a place where others only dream of being. 
Many people reach the age of forty, only to realize they have missed out on life.
In many cases they had everything going for them, except when the gauntlet was tossed their way, they lacked the courage to pick it up. No one is going to cut off your right arm, take away your motorbike or put you in a jail if you don't succeed.
A friend of mine whose father had links with the IRA was in a spot of bother, so he went to his father for advice.
He said, "Dad, I'm in trouble"
The father asked, "are they going to kill you?"
He said, "oh no, no."
His father said, "Son, you don't have a problem."
Even when we want to be timid and play it safe, we should pause for a moment to imagine what we might be missing.

Moral of the quotations. 
I always wishing life was different.

I don't wanna end up like most people just because I'm taking the right decisions, the safe decision that most people make. Women my age have been pretty occupied with her husband and her babies. I don't wanna be like them. I still have plenty of time to do that. I wouldn't make a safe decision. Instead, I'm gonna start making bad decisions where it can take me to somewhere others only dream of being. 
I don't want sometime in my forties, I ponder about my life. What I might be missing in my entire life. When God send me back to His house, I'd be fulfilled with regrets, not regrets from things that I've done, but regrets from things that I HAVEN'T done. 
I don't wanna just live and breath. 

From now on, I will not take care of what others say towards me. 


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the statement rings

.put your hands up ladies.

clockwise: Gurhan 24K Gold n Diamond; Kate Spade bow ring; Stephen Dweck flourite oval stone ringAlexander McQueen skull four finger; Konstantino turquoise ringMarc by Marc Jacobs wise owl

I'm not an accessories person, but who would have thought these rings could smitten.. even a girl like me? I never wear rings except the one that my bf gave me :) But these rings are too beautiful!! They're bold, colorful, elegant, have all power that a singnature ring could have. My fave? Of course the one from the late Alexander McQueen. I really adore his piece of art. I love how his consistent to use skull as his main object. N the rings could fit to not one or two, but four fingers at a time. LOL. Which one is your signature ring? 


Monday, September 20, 2010

if you leave me now..


If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me
Uh uh uh uh no baby please don't go
And if you leave me now, you'll take away the very heart of me
Uh uh uh uh no baby please don't go
Uh uh uh uh girl I just want you to stay

A love like ours is love that's hard to find
How could we let it slip away
We've come too far to leave it all behind
How could we end it all this way
When tomorrow comes and we'll both regret
The things we said today


Thursday, September 16, 2010

gimme back my sunshine!!

When I was younger, my teacher taught me about climate and weather condition in Indonesia. We have two seasons, summer (usually it happens between February - August) while the rest of the year is rainy season. But it seems, those rules are history now. Cos every single day, the rain pours. Windy, with a bit thunder here and there, and strangely the weather can be so hot at noon before raining at night. I always wonder what actually happen with our beautiful home? Don't laugh at me, but I begin to believe in 2012 prophecy. Maybe something BIG will happen and change our world. 

The end of the world has become human's biggest fear and greatest mystery unsolved until we face it for ourselves. It was written in the bible some signs when the end is near. I don't remember the detail, but as I recall, they're pretty much mentioning about human meltdown and nature breakdown.
Now I'm losing my sunshine, most people around me faces a confusing sexual orientation, wars, every country prepared their nuclear bomb which was very terrifying, terrorists action, natural disasters, greediness are literally everywhere, etc. 

Who to blame? Before we pointing out our fingers, we have to make sure that our hands are clean. So guys, let's reflect what we have done. It's sad when people use social networking websites to voiced themselves. We must make it REAL! 
Let's start the day and be a better us. How can we change the world if we can't change ourselves? 

"Tender is the Night" on Vogue US


Magazine: Vogue US
Published: Settembre 2010
Editorial: Tender is the Night
Model: Joan Smalls, Stella Tenant e Guinevere Van Seenus
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Camilla Nickerson
Il servizio fotografico ci riporta a un pomeriggio estremamente chic, in salotti di altri tempi, tra donne ispirate dallo stile di Grace Kelly, per un eleganza incredibilmente semplice. Le modelle indossano: in apertura, cardigan in cashmere e corsetto Dolce&Gabbana, gonna in gazar di seta Oscar de la Renta; nella seconda foto, abito in lana Louis Vuitton, gonna in seta Carolina Herrera; nella terza foto, maglione in lana Marc Jacobs, gonna in velluto MaxMara; nella quarta foto, maglione in lana, gonna in cashmere Michael Kors; in chiusura, maglione in cashmere, gonna in seta e guanti di pelle Louis Vuitton.

2 3
4 5

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all asses were not equal!!

Every women I know, share the same difficulties for choosing the right JEANS! Yeap. Jeans is one of the must essential item in your closet hence it has to really fit you and make you look great. I think women must have at least 5 different type of jeans in their closet. A skinny one, boot cut/straight, wide legged, boyfriend jeans (optional), high waisted jeans (optional). I have them all in my closet. But problem is, does my jeans really suit me?

sexy comes in all sizes and shapes

Recently, my fave jeans brand Levi’s® launched a new line of custom-fit jeans called Curve ID. The designers created a new approach to measuring a woman's body and identified three distinct body types that account for 80% of women's shapes universally. 

The three Curve ID fits are based on these universal body types. Those three custom fits are:
  • Slight Curve - designed to celebrate straight figures : Slight curve is designed to define a woman's waist, while accentuating her curves. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try the Slight Curve
  • Demi Curve - designed to fit even proportions : Demi Curve is designed to flatter a woman's waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist, but don't flatter the figure, a woman should try Demi Curve
  • Bold Curve - designed to honor genuine curves: Bold Curve is designed to hug the waist without gapping or pulling. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but gap in the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve
How do you know which type suit you? Just go to Levi's counter nearest you and their trained staff will help you to find a perfect jeans for you. When the first time I read the article, I thought I'd be a Bold Curve kind a gal cos I often share the same problem as stated in the description. 

Couple days ago, I made a trip to one of Levi's store in my local mall. After measured my body, the staff said that a perfect jeans for me would be between Demi and Bold Curve. I was a bit confused cos she said my type of body is in the borderline (?). When I searched through racks, I didn't find a jeans that I really wanted. Bandung's branch collection doesn't as complete as Jakarta's. So I decided to leave the store and will buy at Jakarta's branch next time I go there. I could really spend a long time when it comes to choose jeans, cos I always wanted a jeans that flatter my figure.

Having jeans is like an investment. Not that investment like you invested your money to gold or something. But a good pair of jeans can really make a woman look great. I personally loved a straight and boot cut jeans cos I have a huge thigh and skinny jeans makes me look shorter although I can wear them with super high stilettos, but still I feel uncomfortable. I hope I'll soon find a perfect jeans for me.
I'll share again with you all when I find out what I really want at Levi's. In a meantime, feel free to visit any Levi's store near you and find out, which type are you?

Which type are you?

Chanel Soho Collection (Bags/Shoes)

Al cocktail per l'inaugurazione della rinnovata boutique Chanel a Soho sono state presentate alcune collezioni in limited edition di accessori e make-up (abbiamo già parlato della collezione make-up e trovate l'articolo qui). Tra le novità una linea di borse e scarpe, coordinate. Le borse sono le classiche Chanel con patta, catena e chiusura con logo, le nuove varianti sono tre in rosso, opale e bronzo. La particolarità sta nella fantasia pitonata con effetto metal, arricchita da una nappina. Ovviamente la collezione è disponibile solo presso la boutique Chanel di Soho.

Vera Wang S/S 2011

La nuova collezione per la prossima estate firmata Vera Wang è caratterizzata da un mix di aspetti mascolini e femminili. La parte femminile viene sottolineata negli adorabili body, fantasie floreali, sfumature di rosa e abiti in leggero tulle.
Ma quello che colpisce di più sulla passerella è il taglio degli abiti che riprende lo stile da arti marziali, infatti la stilista si è voluta ispirare al film, di Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill. La stilista, che quest'anno celebra i 20 anni di attività, si interessa dunque allo stile occidentale della gangster interpretata da Lucy Liu.
Ovviamente non mancano i pezzi classici: shorts e mini abbellite da orli arricciati, pantaloncini sporty e top di tutti i generi, trapuntati, con applicazioni, drappeggiati o rigidi.

"Couture by Night" on Numéro


Magazine: Numéro #116
Published: Settembre 2010
Editorial: Couture by Night
Model: Natasha Poly & Baptiste Giabiconi
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Stylist: Capucine Safyurtlu
La fashion editor sceglie per gli scatti: in apertura, abito in crepe di seta stretch, ricamato con perle e strass e stivaletti Chanel Haute Couture; nella seconda foto, coat in pelliccia, abito in tulle ricamato, dentelle di seta e decori in georgette e stivali Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci; nella terza foto, abito ricamato con paillettes e cristalli Swarovski Giorgio Armani Privè; nella quarta foto, miniabito con scollo sulla schiena e decori in paillettes e perle Atelier Versace, scarpe Christian Louboutin; nella quinta foto, abito cut-out con scollo sulla schiena in pizzo Valentino Haute Couture; in chiusura, abito in taffetà con stampa e tulle di seta Dior HauteCouture. In tutto il servizio Baptiste indossa un abito Tom Ford e stivali in pelle Chanel.


"The September Issue" in Italy

Anna Wintour, direttrice di Vogue US, ormai da vent'anni è considerata una delle donne più potenti e influenti del fashion system. Tutti noi, appasionati e non, la riconosciamo subito con il suo celebre bob e gli occhiali da sole, sempre in prima fila alle sfilate più attese. Per conquistarsi una buona fetta di fan Anna aveva concesso al regista R J Cutlers di entrare nella redazione più famosa al mondo per svelarne tutti i segreti. E' così che nasce il film "The September Issue", una sorta di documentario, sul lavoro che c'è dietro il numero di Settembre 2007, mescolato alle testimonianze di stilisti ed editor che lavorano al fianco della direttrice. Il film era stato presentato nel 2009 al Sundance Festival e distribuito nelle sale cinematografiche americane, da domani sarà finalmente disponibile, qui in Italia, alla Feltrinelli in dvd.

Carolina Herrera S/S 2011

Le ispirazioni di Carolina Herrera per la sua nuova collezione estivaa sono fondamentalmente due: i tradizionali abiti Koreani e le collezioni di piatti con decori botanici del diciottesimo secolo. Alla ricerca del mood Asiatico protagonisti sono i kat, caratteristici cappelli maschili rigidi, indossato in origine da intellettuali e aristocratici, abbinati a cinture obi. Saltano all'occhio le splendide stampe floreali rubate ai decori di antichi piatti. E infine appoggiati qui e lì piccoli tagli di stoffa, a volte in contrasto, ad arricchire i decori. L'eleganza che ha reso famosa Carolina Herrera, resta nei tagli, negli splendidi abiti dalle lunghezze contenute e nelle camicie morbide adatte ad ogni occasione.

Dressing Like a Top Model

Dressing Like a Top Model

Dressing up is usually the passion of the fair sex. However, the men wardrobe should not be neglected but on the contrary. Even if you are male the manner you dress can significantly improve your appearance. We set aside too often the fact that men can also dress sexy, emphasizing their masculinity with the right clothing and generally speaking about themselves by means of their attire.

I can image on
ly one reason why men's wardrobe has largely been neglected, which is women have too much of theirs. And, ladies thinking that you have to look better than your partner or that if the man besides you is too well dressed and handsome other of your kind might steel him from you - is the huge mistake you should not commit! Consider that on one hand you fell attracted to your boyfriend / husband not only in your intimacy but in your everyday life, and on the other hand he is a significant part of your own image. Moreover, you will not keep a man besides you by determining him to be careless about the way he dresses, but sooner make other women envious by his good looks and, of course it never hurts to brag a little...Therefore, it is important for both of you, man and woman, to care about the way you look in your own eyes and in those of your significant other, as well as in the eyes of those around you.

In this context, treasuring and improving man´s wardrobe makes sense, but is also imperative. However, being well dressed does not mean having a ten square meters wardrobe! A proficient man wardrobe can be achieved by choosing items of clothing with multiple functions and which suit his lifestyle.

The first
ave of a casual man wardrobe is all occasions t-shirts. Thus, you may opt for body shaped simple t-shirts at work or when going out and graphic t-shirts for your leisure time. More than for other items of clothing, it is advisable to have a wide range of t-shirts in your wardrobe because t-shirts are worn all seasons, can be well fashioned with blouses / sweatshirts/ sweaters, etc, and are also the most often shifted. The jeans are never a problem for men, so there's no use to lay weight on them. However, men's jackets are not given the importance they deserve. The leather jacket can emphasize masculinity and show style. Jeans jackets are for sportive men more into street wear but still they can be sexy and well suited for your leisure time. The men´s cloth jackets have a wide range of designs for both casual and elegant dressing out. Nevertheless, for the men that work in a privileged environment the designer suit is the best option. Yet, every gentleman should have two-three designer suits for special occasions.

Dressing like a top model if you afford it is not at all snobbish but eye-catching and seductive. Every woman would like a top model surrogate besides her, as men would love the same thing when it comes to women.