Friday, September 3, 2010

august round up!

sorry for the lack of updates, please blame the fugly internet connection and the lack of ideas from my brain who usually just stared at a blank "new post" page on blogger, wrote some, and then save that shitty post to draft.

I wish I could post more in Fashion Smashion section. But it's so hard when you have noone but yourself to count on. and worse is, I don't have a tripod. I used to ask my sister to take picture of me, but you know she doesn't always here all the time and she's a bad photographer to be honest (don't tell her!). Well.. I guess I have to buy a tripod then.. I wore some amazing outfit these past month, too bad I didn't have a chance to share with you guys :(

SONY Alpha

Oh and for the first time in my life, I wanted something unusual: CAMERA DSLR.
The other day I went out with my friends and one of them brought camera Sony Alpha. Guess what? I really really love the result!! I immediately imagined me + sony alpha = perfect fashion smashion! I'm so blind about photography world, but I think to own that camera would be more than enough for me.

Anyhoo.... Just like many months behind, there always a bittersweet moments. 
Let's start with sweet moments first, 
• I won the shoes I've been dreaming of in my wholly life
• got featured in a magazine (will tell you later about this)
• bought some more gorgeous shoes n unexpectedly fell in love with flats!! 
• My little brother finally can swim!! There's a hidden tear in my eyes when the first time I saw he swim.. I hope he can be an athlete someday. Amen.
• Met my best friend for the first time this year! She traveled a lot and currently live in Beijing so I can't see her very often. 
• I joined 2010 Ubud Writers Festival. Still struggling to post my very first flash fiction. At least I must post my contribution. I hope I can make it! *fingercrossed*

• I began to reconsider my current job. I'm not happy with it, never were never will. 
• I had a huge fight with my bf a couple times on August. I thought my tears just gone dry, but turned out I was still crying in my sleep. 
• My relationship with my sister keep getting worse. We seem disconnected and have a very different world.
• My friend's Dad still unconscious in hospital :(

I always said that nothing very good or very bad last in a very long time. Everything must come to an end. That's what life about, isn't it?

PS: I'll update this post with lotsa photos. So stay tune!! -> I changed my mind. I guess I'll  split these post with several posts later 
PS part deux: I posted this from my BB, please ignore the signature. Still have no idea how to erase it. Come on, it's embarrassing!

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