Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dressing Like a Top Model

Dressing Like a Top Model

Dressing up is usually the passion of the fair sex. However, the men wardrobe should not be neglected but on the contrary. Even if you are male the manner you dress can significantly improve your appearance. We set aside too often the fact that men can also dress sexy, emphasizing their masculinity with the right clothing and generally speaking about themselves by means of their attire.

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ly one reason why men's wardrobe has largely been neglected, which is women have too much of theirs. And, ladies thinking that you have to look better than your partner or that if the man besides you is too well dressed and handsome other of your kind might steel him from you - is the huge mistake you should not commit! Consider that on one hand you fell attracted to your boyfriend / husband not only in your intimacy but in your everyday life, and on the other hand he is a significant part of your own image. Moreover, you will not keep a man besides you by determining him to be careless about the way he dresses, but sooner make other women envious by his good looks and, of course it never hurts to brag a little...Therefore, it is important for both of you, man and woman, to care about the way you look in your own eyes and in those of your significant other, as well as in the eyes of those around you.

In this context, treasuring and improving man´s wardrobe makes sense, but is also imperative. However, being well dressed does not mean having a ten square meters wardrobe! A proficient man wardrobe can be achieved by choosing items of clothing with multiple functions and which suit his lifestyle.

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ave of a casual man wardrobe is all occasions t-shirts. Thus, you may opt for body shaped simple t-shirts at work or when going out and graphic t-shirts for your leisure time. More than for other items of clothing, it is advisable to have a wide range of t-shirts in your wardrobe because t-shirts are worn all seasons, can be well fashioned with blouses / sweatshirts/ sweaters, etc, and are also the most often shifted. The jeans are never a problem for men, so there's no use to lay weight on them. However, men's jackets are not given the importance they deserve. The leather jacket can emphasize masculinity and show style. Jeans jackets are for sportive men more into street wear but still they can be sexy and well suited for your leisure time. The men´s cloth jackets have a wide range of designs for both casual and elegant dressing out. Nevertheless, for the men that work in a privileged environment the designer suit is the best option. Yet, every gentleman should have two-three designer suits for special occasions.

Dressing like a top model if you afford it is not at all snobbish but eye-catching and seductive. Every woman would like a top model surrogate besides her, as men would love the same thing when it comes to women.