Monday, September 6, 2010

orange in a grey world

I know it's been a while since the last time I posted Fashion Smashion :( I tried my best to keep you updated with my daily outfits by take a picture of me with my blackberry (hence the image resolution was awful. Sorry). So here's a bit from what I wore last week...

perfect outfit for tricky weather
fell in love with heart tights

Weather these days have been very tricky. Sometimes it's very hot at day and suddenly the rain was pouring at night. So I manage to stay -not so warm-nor so cool- by wearing this type of outfit. I combined my favorite leather jacket with bright color that match with fall tone, orange and add a bit grey here and there. Which I love to bits :) I also wore tights so I didn't feel too cold even though I wore hot pants. BTW  I'm so GLAD finally TopShop and Zara opened their first stores in Bandung. They're my favorite high street fashion alongside Mango, Dorothy Perkins, and Miss Selfridge. Yay!!

Topshop leather jacket
Topshop paris tank
Karen Jeans hotpants
Topshop tights
Zara ankle boots