Wednesday, September 29, 2010

running in heels... LITERALLY

OK. This is the most hilarious thing that I've ever seen on TV!
You gotta see for yourself

So these girls were running in their minimum 7.5 centimeters stiletto! 
The winning team a.k.a The Pinkettes have earned themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Record for running the fastest in heels.The four girls completed the 263-foot course in just....... one minute and four seconds! That was AMAZING. 
More than a hundred women took part in a stiletto race in Sydney, Australia to raise money and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The event raised almost $10-thousand. 
A good cause that placed you at Guinness Book :)

I guess I could win those race some other time. I hope Indonesian get inspired by them. LOL.