Thursday, September 16, 2010

gimme back my sunshine!!

When I was younger, my teacher taught me about climate and weather condition in Indonesia. We have two seasons, summer (usually it happens between February - August) while the rest of the year is rainy season. But it seems, those rules are history now. Cos every single day, the rain pours. Windy, with a bit thunder here and there, and strangely the weather can be so hot at noon before raining at night. I always wonder what actually happen with our beautiful home? Don't laugh at me, but I begin to believe in 2012 prophecy. Maybe something BIG will happen and change our world. 

The end of the world has become human's biggest fear and greatest mystery unsolved until we face it for ourselves. It was written in the bible some signs when the end is near. I don't remember the detail, but as I recall, they're pretty much mentioning about human meltdown and nature breakdown.
Now I'm losing my sunshine, most people around me faces a confusing sexual orientation, wars, every country prepared their nuclear bomb which was very terrifying, terrorists action, natural disasters, greediness are literally everywhere, etc. 

Who to blame? Before we pointing out our fingers, we have to make sure that our hands are clean. So guys, let's reflect what we have done. It's sad when people use social networking websites to voiced themselves. We must make it REAL! 
Let's start the day and be a better us. How can we change the world if we can't change ourselves?