Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 8: Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo

This summer fans of the fragrance “Incanto” get a pleasant surprise - Salvatore Ferragamo has presented the new version of the perfume - Incanto Bloom.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 8: Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo

Incanto is translated from the Italian and means "magic". In 2003, Mark started to write a story of contemporary Cinderella with a surprising start of the fragrance for women - Incanto. Since then, every summer a new chapter of this amazing tale appears: Incanto Dream, Incanto Charms, Incanto Shine, Incanto Heaven, Incanto Bliss ... and now we are impressed with the new perfume - Incanto Bloom. We consider it to be a really great grapefruit-floral fragrance.

This new aroma opens a series of Incanto Cult Collection.
Incanto Bloom is a gentle fragrance. It opens with with a balance of sweetness and and finishes with a light florality. Freesia seems to me to be the dominant floral, but you can feel there also a touch of rose.

Unlike the previous versions, this novelty has a fresh floral arrangement with a bright beginning, lovely sensual heart and soft tender train. That's why it is now in Top 10 Perfumes.
The top notes sound with grapefruit and freesia aromas, heart - Tea Rose and flowers champaka and tail fascinates the warmth of wood and musk. The bottle is decorated with beautiful ribbon – the brand of the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 8: Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo

This new gorgeous perfume was set with Sophie Labbe. Unlike the last year's version of the original fragrance, this year the perfumes are much more fresh, light and floral. It is perfect for young admirers of the famous Italian brand, as well as for those who want to enjoy the warm season. Incanto Bloom fragrance is unobtrusive, but very pleasant, lovely and tender.

Just one drop of this new wonderful perfume stresses you - so sparkling and elegant, chic and light, beautiful and so gorgeous woman.

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Hey you!

Hola fabulous people :)

Sorry for the late post, I've been trying to keep up with my hectic job so my posts always end up on a Draft folder. Been pretty busy with other personal things too.

I'm so relieved that finally I can get out of those dark clouds. I felt so ambitious recently till I missed the big picture. I don't wanna fall into same hole, so I keep myself busy figuring things out. What's next, what's left to do, projects, etc.

There r so many things I'd wanna share with u. Such as reviews. Whether movies, music, or book. Too many great movies are now playing on theatre. While I'm preparing my next posts, get your lazy butt & go to your nearest movie theatre ☺


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

Nina Ricci has always pleased her fans wih gorgeous, interesting, fasionable and
unforgettable aromas.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

Her house of Nina Ricci opened this spring with the new limited edition, dedicated it to her famous fragrance Nina. The new romantic aroma has got a poetic name “Love by Nina”. Perfumer Olivier Cresp altered a bit the original version, he used crisp shades of green "Granny" as the dominant notes in stad of red apple, added to this perfume a breath of spring and heady air of blooming garden. Exquisite freshness of the apples intertwined with a delicate aroma of cherry blossoms and a delicious almond cake, turning into a cheerful, tender composition, filled with love and affection.

This aroma No.7 in our Top 10 Perfumes is addressed to the young urban romantic woman, which wants to leave
behind a dizzying trail and romantic memories. The woman which likes to be in a

Composition: the fragrance opens with Green Apple Granny . The floral heart offers the intertwining of notes of flowers franzhipani and cherry blossoms. Almond adds depth and natural femininity to this flavor. It was made for the woman which is loved and is not afraid to show her feelings. The woman, which is full of new ideas, young daring, whose boundless imagination, and the idea of success has no boundaries.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

This perfume is a really spring aroma, full of love and pleasure. It fills the world with colours, warmth, tenderness and love. It teases, delights, it isgorgeous, breathtaking and admirable.

This fragrance is for the lady, filled with love and affection, a woman whose light footsteps sound like the first trickles of the light spring stream,woman, which brings the world back to life after long dull winter fills it with spring freshness, purity and life. Attractive, natural and deep, this perfume was created for the real Queen.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 6: Guerlain Insolence Blooming

There is a little cult of the fragrances of the house Guerlain. This summer fans can enjoy new flavors of the famous Insolence.
Continuing the tradition of the issuance of special summer version of Insolence, this summer the brand introduced a new perfume called Insolence Blooming. The creators describe the new fragrance as “a sparkling floral”, they underline accents of violet, sensual iris and red berries.

The first impression that Guerlain Insolence Blooming makes is that the lady which wears this fragrance is a lovely and innocent girl. But few minutes later you feel unexpected, uncompromising, irreverent and free aroma. The aroma of passionate, tender, mysterious woman. The aroma that destroys the idea of the classic perfumes. It has no "head notes" and since the first chord it opens its "heart", made up of notes of violets. Other key ingredients of this composition are the red berries (especially raspberries, notes that are for the first time used in perfumes of the house Guerlain), orange blossoms and also tonka beans, sandalwood, white musk, iris and others.

The perfume Guerlain Insolence Blooming is for the woman which radiates light, breathes life and is able to turn over the world wih one look of her beautiful eyes, with one smile. This fragranceis dedicated to the powerful woman that can control her emotions and gives the meaning to life. Guerlain Insolence Blooming is a a gorgeous note that delights and transforms every second of the life into miracle! Beautiful and inspired, having a strong internal energy, this woman is a master of her fate. So that is ok that it occured on 6-th place in our Top 10 Perfumes.

Guerlain Insolence Blooming is released in a concentration of toilet water in bottles of 50 ml. In addition to the original Insolence, we can see also the number of other flavors including My Insolence, Insolence Eau de Parfum and Insolence Eau Glacee.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 5: "Wild Meadow". Kate Moss

This summer Kate Moss presented her new amazingly beautiful aroma - "Wild Meadow". This novelty is the creation of the British supermodel and Coty. Kate Moss Wild Meadow is intended to disclose the image of the mysterious woman, which can break a man's heart

Limited Edition Wild Meadow opens a new series of perfumes from Kate Moss. This woman is one of the most fashioned and beautiful celebrities in the world so no wonder that fragrance by her appeared in woman's Top 10 Perfumes. The composition was created with perfumer Shyamaloy Mezondyu.

Limited Edition of this fragrance feels warm and bright colors. Freshness, cleanliness, beauty and strength – this lies at the heart of this perfume.

This No.5 Top 10 Perfumes fragrance incorporates original aromas, that give us a sense of clear sky, the sun, and wild flowers. This harmony provides a feeling of hope and peace, as if the sun has given all its diversity, warming the female body after the cold winter. "Wild Meadow". Kate Moss was designed to convey the purity and power of mysterious nature, as well as its freshness. In this perfume each flavor emphasizes the diversity and uniqueness of the woman and fascinates anyone its intoxicating aroma.

Wild Meadow is dedicated to central England, which occupies a special place in the heart of Kate Moss. The base of the perfume is refreshed by aromas of pink grapefruit, bergamot and peach. Top notes are the combination of chords roses, magnolia and honeysuckle. And in the base you feel tones of apple, benzoin and amber.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 4: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel

The legendary house of Chanel has released a new fragrance - Chance Eau Tendre. This perfume is a floral-fruity version of the original composition that was released in 2003.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 4: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel

The new scent is perfect for warm summer days: the notes of fresh greens, grapefruit, quince, jasmine and flowering gardens. The fragrance ends with chords of white musk.

Chance Eau Tendre was developed by the CHANEL perfumer Jacques Polge - we can feel fruit, floral notes, grapefruit, quince, hyacinth, jasmine, amber, cedar, iris and white musk.

The promotional campaign of the perfume was led by Jean-Paul Goode - the famous French illustrator, advertising director and photographer.
It gives us clear fascination and charm of poetry, it is a reminder of those rare and precious chances that life gives us. It checks how do we cope with the challenge of destiny.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 4: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel

In such cases Perfume Chanel Chance Eau Tendre becomes a trump card in the deck of aromas that give new notes and piquancy of new opportunities to our lives.

Chance Eau Tendre fragrance is the real explosion of tenderness. This is the perfume for an optimistic woman who believes in luck and does not miss her chances.

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Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3: Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

Alber Elbaz, the creative director of the house Lanvin, once has introduced us to his creation named Jeanne. But he could not stop and this summer we can find the updated fragrance named Jeanne La Rose.

 Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3:  Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

Third place in our Top 10 Perfumes goes to Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin.

Lanvin perfume house presents its new perfume as "more romantic", "more fashionable" than the original version of Jeanne Lanvin. It is more romantic and fashionable version, which is perfect for the elegant, sensual and gentle women.
The new perfume was built on the basic chords of roses. Actually, roses are almost the most popular flowers this summer.

Bulgarian Rose, surrounded by green tincts and sweet notes of black currant combined with musk and cedar will make the image of the woman even more luxurious and graceful, and at the same time glamorous and a bit frivolous.
This perfume does not change the traditions that were laid several decades ago, and it does not focus on a specific age or temperament of its owner. It concentrates on the woman who tends to feel soft, light and unique.
In the pyramid of the fragrance we can feel aromas of red currant, raspberry, vetiver, white musk and cedar. This perfume is more glamorous and fashionable than its predecessor. So, it is now in Top 10 Perfumes.

 Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3:  Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

With the parfume Jeanne La Rose everything in our modern world will be more beautiful and wonderful, and in your soul only a romantic mood will dominate, mainly because you will just love.

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Top 10 Perfumes. No. 2: Clinique Happy in Bloom, Clinique

Clinique introduces an updated version of the popular summer fragrance Clinique Happy in Bloom, released in 2006.

So under the number 2 in Top 10 Perfumes here we got Clinique Happy in Bloom.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 2:  Clinique Happy in Bloom, Clinique

Novelty is the part of limited summer collection, which includes also makeup palette called Clinique Juced Up Beauty. This limited-edition perfume was presented in a pretty vial with beautiful spring flowers that are consistent with the mood of spring-summer 2010. So that is no wonder that it reached our
Top 10 Perfumes.

The new Clinique Happy in Bloom 2010 version opens with fresh floral notes of violet with drops of dew on its petals, with green notes of wet leaves and grass. The floral heart offers the intertwining of notes of yellow plum, a cocktail of frozen and fresh fruit. Lily, white freesia and mimosa, that are already known to us from Clinique Happy give almost tactile sensations of flower petals. Transparent amber and white wood add depth and natural femininity to this flavor.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 2:  Clinique Happy in Bloom, Clinique

Bright, full of life – this perfume is poetic, tender and careless. Sparkling and lively, this fragrance exudes happiness, like a fresh spring bouquet of flowers: that’s impossible not to fall in love with it!!!

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Top 10 Perfumes. No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

Back to the childhood!

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

First place in our Top 10 Perfumes goes to DKNY Delicious Candy Apples.

This summer a well-known designer Donna Karan has decided to make a present to the faithful fans of fragrance DKNY Be Delicious. She presented 3 more exciting and admirable aromas.

She proposed a sweet trilogy called Delicious candy apples. Sugared apples inspired her for the latest collection of fragrances. These editions take us back to our childhood while playing with colors and attracting us with scents of sweet caramel, ripe raspberries and apples, juicy currant and fragrant red roses

So on the first place in Women's Top 10 Perfumes we got 3 aromas:

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

Ripe Raspberry

Aroma “Ripe raspberries”, despite its name, is based on the flavors of apple and lime. The base is refreshed by lily along with notes of sweet peony, magnolia highlight luxurious fruity smell, the final chord – cola.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

Juicy Berry

Blueberry flavor is not usual for the perfume. Fruit cocktail complements flower nectar with a predominance of roses and apple blossoms. The creamy bouquet ends with hints of the sandal wood and sugar cane.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

Sweet Caramel

Wonderful caramel and fruity aroma, that is followed by a floral bouquet and freshness of the mountain river. Middle notes - jasmine and violet are gradually replaced by fresh green leaves. Base notes - vanilla, caramel and seductive.

Each of the three scents Delicious candy apple is real aromatherapy and pleasure for the true perfume gourmet! Top 10 Perfumes.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Madness

Hello Monday, off a good start, friend of mine sent me this email & I thought it'd be nice if I share with you all =D

Especially dedicated to my friend Siz.. Never ever give up & keep on trying ☺

It is MADNESS...

To hate all roses because you got scratched with one thorn...

To give up on your dreams because one didn't come true...

To lose faith in prayers because one was not answered...

To give up on your efforts because one of them failed...

To condemn all your friends because one betrayed you...

Not to believe in LOVE because someone was unfaithful or didn't love you back...

To throw away all your chances to be happy, because you didn't succeed on the first attempt...

I hope as you go on your way, you don't give in to madness...

Remembering always...

Anoher CHANCE may came up,

Another FRIEND,

A new LOVE,

A renewed STRENGTH...

Be persistent, look for hapiness in every way...

The sure path to failure is to give up. It is often through failure that future success come...

Keep Trying !!!

God Bless You

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


After so many sleep deprivation, frowns, pimples, and a very terrible mood, finally..... it comes to an end. Rewind to several days ago, suddenly there's a thought that really hit me. what was I fighting for? Was it all worth it?

On a much brighter note, I'm thinking about my dream. I have a dream, everyone has a dream. And yes, it's a HUGE one, Mister. But what if I never achieve it? Would this be the end of an era? No. Would I die? I don't think so.
I believe that every single person has an equal right to chase after their dream. But do they have an equal opportunity? That's probably the root from what people assume about LUCK. Believe it or not, luck does exist. But you can't count to it forever because most of the time you must depend on anyone else but yourself.
Back to the question before.. What if I never achieve what I dreamed of?

We should have a heart as big as the universe to accept the fact that not every dream will come true. Of course I keep on trying, but I keep stuck in the dead end. It's funny how busy I was, running and running away to catch my dream till unconsciously, I lived in a fantasy. I have to get back as soon as possible to earth because I've gone too far. I didn't notice the beautiful things that God had showered me, cos my mind was too preoccupied with the thoughts that don't even exist! I was obsessed to be something I've been dreaming of. Then I realize, back to the old saying, that life is a choice. As you all know, I hate my current job. But I believe, someday it will all be worth it. Who knows a few years from now my dream will eventually come true? Life is full of mystery, and like a crossword puzzle, one thing leads to another.
I would never give up on my dream but I have to live the life I have now. Time is like a river, you cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow will never pass again. So I will enjoy every single moment of my life and be extremely grateful.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My thoughts are not your thoughts

Neither are your ways my ways

For as the heavens are higher than the earth

So are my ways higher than your ways

And my thoughts higher than your thoughts

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

now and forever..

I know you probably bored about my blahblahblah-ing about marriage. But I think I've learned my lesson today from Mamma Mia! movie. Have seen it several times & always cry at the scene where Donna (Meryl Streep) sing a song for her beloved daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) whom getting married. She sang a beautiful song by ABBA, Slipping Through My Fingers. You wouldn't call me cheesy after you watch the scene by yourself.

Sophie & her Mom at the wedding

All of sudden, I remembering my mother. I have this kind of -love you but hate you- relationship with her. We fight all the time, yet we can't live without each other. And the picture of me getting marry, flashing like a movie in my head. How I have to leave home.. Leaving my comfort zone all behind and start a brand new life with my husband. I'm a family girl, I'm the -you can count on- girl in my family. It's so sad just to think about this. How my life would be? How their life would be without me? Would it be good? Would it be bad? I'm afraid they're gonna forget me, or the other way, like my brothers did. They seldom come to my home just to visit Mom & Dad. Maybe they're busy with their life. I don't wanna be like them.

Keep this in mind, parents' love to their child is infinite, boundlessly. As a child, we'll never have a chance to repay their love for us. So please, use your time to love your parents with all your heart, cos we'll never know what will happen next. They don't need your money but they need your care, how you treat them, that's the most important thing. Talk to them everyday, give them a sincere smile. I'm sure a little thing like that will make them happy.

the only thing u can depend on is your family

Life is full of surprises. I just can't imagine that "the day" will come, sooner or later. The thoughts about this, convince me that I'm still not ready. But for how long? Oh God I'm such a baby.. *sensitive* mode: ON. After all, seasons change, people come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart.. Now and forever..

The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don't. But, in the end, they're the people you always come home to. Sometimes it's the family you're born into and sometimes it's the one you make for yourself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I never be the girl of his dream, and he never be the guy that I've dreamed of. But that's exactly what we need. Imperfection.
So we can filling each other's missing pieces.
This relationship is like puzzle, but when will it complete? Dare I say, the puzzle will remain incomplete cos there were & will always bumps along the road. That's the thing about relationship, challenge. I can't imagine being in a monotonous relationship, where the sky always blue and the grass always green. There's always a lesson learned from every fight, every arguments that makes us to know each other more.

In love relationships there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. In fact it's a common belief that a relationship without pain is a relationship not worth having. To some pain implies growth. But how do I know when the growing pains stop and the pain pains begin?

You know what they say, perfect life is when you can love someone imperfect perfectly.


I'm at the point of no return
Just watch me burn