Monday, April 6, 2009

6th year anniversary

curent mood: clumsy! forgetful!

oh shit, I've just realized that I haven't wrote a little about my anniversary!
It was March 30, and now April 6. How forgetful I am!!

Well,,, happy anniversary baby, we celebrated it at one restaurant, no, two restaurants, one where we could eat buffet, and the other where we could just sit & drink & missed our old days..
Six years, I mean, wow... I always said that I didn't expect my relationship would be this far. I met him at high school, for God's sake!! LOL. Who would've thought?

He closed my eyes and took me to my fave place at Bandung. Even we often get there, but we'll never get bored. With city views and cool air (Bandung banget!), what a perfect combination for an anniversary.
But the thing is not the celebration, nor the places we go, but the WAY we've been through until we reach our 6th years together. UNFORGETTABLE.
from childish to -I'm not a girl not yet a woman- to -half woman- to -more mature woman- LOL. How I love memories... Sometimes we need to look back, just to warned us how lucky we are, and especially, how grateful I am to meet somebody like him.

I love him just the way he is...

HAPPY Anniversary :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


I knew Amy since her Frank album, but I hooked up with her because her Back To Black album, you know, "Rehab" thing. And when I bought the album, I surprisingly found out that she's the most interesting female singer I've ever know, next to M. LOL.

Since I worked, I rarely watch her DVD, so I missed her so much.
This song "Addicted" was telling about her "connection" with weeds, which I think very funny, how she sing it, and the lyric... which goes like this:

- Amy Winehouse Lyrics

I don't personally agree with someone doing weed, FYI. I JUST love this song! LOVESIT!