Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to December

Season's Greetings, readers. The merriest month of the year has arrived, and I couldn't be more excited. We're feeling quite festive here at Luella and June, and we hope you are too! In the spirit of December, rather than my usual list of things to look forward to, I have decided to make this list a fabulous gift guide. We all need a little help when it comes to finding the perfect gift and this list (one of several we will be featuring this month) will give you some great ideas.

 Resort Fashion ($65), by Caroline Rennolds Milbank, celebrates the history of vacation-chic. Taking a peak through this book (filled with over 400 black-and-white photographs and insightful text) is almost as fun as trip to the beach.

Check out these DVF leather-and-rubber flip-flops ($65) perfect for a little stocking stuffer. They are available in nearly every hue under the rainbow - my personal pick is the orange.

Talk about getting a big job done in a tiny package. The Nars Day and Night Palette ($55) lets you go from the office to a night on the town in one fell swoop of your makeup brush.

Whether you're a traveler or just don't like to leave home without your makeup, this Tory Burch cheetah-print cosmetic ($55) case will keep your makeup organized and will be easily "spotted" in your purse.

Need a little light? These Rice Paper Tealight Glass Candle Holders ($6.50 each) should do the trick.

Dinosaur Designs, an Australian-based jewelry company, is responsible for this gorgeous  Wishbone Bangle Set ($165 per set). They are available in an assortment of colors but for now red is just right.

We all need a little Chanel in our lives and with this perfume wardrobe ($110) you can "try on" the scents before you commit to just one.

When you travel you travel in style - and your passport should too! Check out these adorable passport covers ($80) from Calypso and start jet-setting.

This Felix Rey Sequin Clutch ($290) is the ideal accessory for some year-round shine - and how adorable is that bow?

A favorite accessory of all the celebrities, Love Quotes scarves ($95) are made of Italian linen and come in all sorts of juicy colors. It's the perfect way to wrap up all year long - plus 10% of all proceeds go to international children's charities.

You no longer have to make a trip to the bookstore or wait for your issue of the New York Times to arrive at your doorstep each morning. The Amazon Kindle ($259) makes all of your favorite reads available at your fingertips.

Dree Hemingway - Paris FW

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Issey Miyake Girl - Paris FW

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Naoko - Paris Fashion Week

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Charlotte - Rue Montmartre - Paris

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Well its December already!!
I'm so glad when it comes to December. Holiday is around the corner, Christmas & New Year Eve makes December become one of the happiest month of the year. (This is my 2nd Christmas btw)

Check out The site is fab! We can elf ourselves & send it to our loved ones. I always send them to my family. Its a joke actually, a lovely joke for Xmas.

And yeah, new month for me means new shopping list. This month is different than the others, cos now I have goals and I have to save my money more than spend it. So I choose very carefully what I NEED, not WANT.

1. Xmas Gifts
I'll buy one for Dieter, his sister Imelda, and his mom. But still wondering what should I buy?

2. SK-II
-Facial Treatment Cleanser (I swear its already empty)

actually I really need the product who can minimize the pores, cos u know, big pore is the home of blackhead! Hate it so muchhhhh!! Earlier this month, I tried 1 treatment, it hurts so bad, called laser treatment. Now its getting better a BIT, cos I have to do that regularly for the best result. Despite it hurts, the treatment is quite expensive too. I plan to do it once in two months.

Do you know what's the best product to minimize the pores? Meanwhile, I'll buy the SK's product. Hope it helps.

3. Head piece
I don't really NEED this, but I think its CUTE!! You know the big flower that stick in your head. Stuff like that. OK I'll buy the cheap one.

Really really need it so so bad. I haven't cut my hair since January! I want a long hair like Lindsay Lohan, but I think I need to trim it although I don't have split ends. I need a new hairstyle. I'll cut my hair at Jakarta. I love Natalie from Peter Saerang salon. Any other recommendations?

5. Holiday
This is not important, but maybe I'll take a short trip, (I still don't know where will I go). Let my parents pay the bill :p LOL. (Hope so)

6. Leather Jacket!!
Still wants it so bad. Haven't found what I like. There's one at zara that fancied me, but its 3mill IDR. No eff-in way.

That's a wrap. Have a blessed December y'all!!

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Black Scene Hair Fashion Styles

A scene hairstyle is audacious and sensational. It is youthful, punky and much ahead of its time. It is a combination of clipped hair with lots of volume and style. There is no limit to experimenting with the hairstyles. You can adorn bob, choppy or a layered cut. Scene hair is very unique and it takes a while before you can get desired results.

Pierced Scene Girl fashion
 Black Scene Haircuts
Black Scene Hair
Black Scene Hair
Black Scene Hairstyle
 Black Scene Hair
Black Scene Boy
 Black Scene Hairstyle
Essential aspect for achieving scene hair is that your tresses should grow till your cheeks if not till your chin. Muddle with your hair and halt where you sense you have achieved that fancy appearance.

Cute Scene Girl black hairstyle
 Black Scene Haircuts
Either go to a hairstylist or use a razor to cut your hair. Make layers at the crown. Shift the volume of hair towards the side of the face which you wish to cover. You would need a straightener if your mane is curly. In the end apply tints of pink, blue or blonde to certain selected streaks.

New Hot Emo Boys Hairstyles for Winter 2010

Men Haircuts Pictures 2010 presents New Hot Emo Boys Hairstyles for Winter 2010

This is another two tone color emo haircut for boys, for this haircut you don't need to go to a saloon you can do it very easy at home:

New Hot Emo Boys Hairstyles for Winter 2010
New Hot Emo Boys Hairstyles for Winter 2010

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