Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye MJ

The news broke at Friday, when I browsed twitter. I found out that someone wrote: "Michael Jackson died..". Oh gosh, I couldn't believe it could be that fast. We lost one of the great, the best male singer ever. Our very King of Pop. Who else can beat him? Not JT nor Usher. Noone can be as phenomenal as him.

His turbulence life marked him as a bad man in my head. His problems, sexually-related with children at Neverland, his problems with his family and his own child. Who can forget how he treated his child at the balcony? *sigh*

But despite of his bad behaviour, his ever changing face, nose, and skin color, he was the pioneer of moon-walker dance, crotch grabbing dance move, with high pitch voice. He's one of the uniter of black and white race. Shame on him cos he chose the wrong way to be "seen". To gradually change his skin color from black - white. I mean, very very white.

The story ended Thursday, when he found dead because a cardiac arrest -or the media told so-. Whatever cause his death, let's pray for him, my heart goes to everyone who loves him. Goodbye MJ, you'll stay in our heart forever. If one day, my son, my grandson, or my grandgrand son asked who's the best male singer I've ever known, it'll be you, Michael Jackson.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Intan Juliana invites you to join Pinwall

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Where can I get Pinwall?

Best regards,
The Pinwall Team

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exhale... Inhale..

Ok now.

I NEED to CALM down a bit.

I'm too busy thinking bout my future, my marriage, my jobs, and that's NOT even happen.

I'm just too "worry" about how things will done. I don't wanna fail, so does everyone. But I'm pushing myself too hard.. I'm a money slave, I'm money-minded now till I begin to lose myself. I'm working, as I do a lil business, side-work. All to have money. I can't believe this, I can't believe I'm in this phase.

It's so hard to live in such country, like my country. When money become a measure to all things.

In my country, at least in our tradition, a marriage means you have to waste a lot of money. For a fancy wedding party, for the stupid thing called pre-wedding (pre photoshoot-- more far more prestigious), for a house, and cars, and a business. Without those, a man can't marry a woman he loves.

I once read in a book, one man said, "in indonesia, if I want to marry a girl, I have to "marry" the rest of her family too". (The rest of family means the BIG family, not just ur mom and dad, but ur aunty, ur cousins, ur grandma, blah blah blah)

Can u imagine how complicated a man could be? He must have a lot of money, and he must approaching his girl's family until they agree!

Shit I can't believe I was born in this "ancient" country. I often jealous that some countries let a couple stay together in one flat without getting married. As long as they have responsible for themselves, so what's wrong with that? Even they can marry in a simple wedding back garden party. Or just have a ceremony in a church. That's all!

Now back to topic, what if I don't meet with rich guy? They won't let us to have a serious relationship? It never makes sense to me. Then life is truly unfair..

We've been through our 6.5 years together. For better for worse. I believe that "day" will come. Sooner or later, amen.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

I should stop

Geez... Since I work 6 months ago, I've been gaining my weight for about 2kilos! Damn it.

And I don't have time to exercise. EXCEPT squad at home. That's all I can do. Omg I'm gettin fat! I should stop!!

I should stop eating dinner, eating carbs at lunch, and I should stop eating snack while I'm working.

Btw, speaking about my job, today is the deadline for to choose my new job. I must give them an answer, a yes or a no. And I haven't got any choice! Errrrr.....

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Stuck in between

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.

What should I choose??


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sad T______T

Another sad news come from my fam. My uncle, passed away yesterday. He was battling with lung cancer, for only 6 months! Ironically.

As I'm writing this, I just got back from his funeral, feelin sad, and sorry for the rest his family. He was only 58. He's a great man tough..

I met one of my friend at the funeral, sadly, she just lost his sister too, on december, because lupus. Maybe some of you not that familiar with the disease, but it threatens many women in the world. Cos lupus mainly, I mean 99% attack women. It freaking me out, no one knows where it comes from. I mean, it's hard to detect. Even the doctor calls it a "thousand faces disease". The disease can't be just discover easily. It through long process and many tests.

Anyway, back to my friend's story.

So her sister died at very young age, 29. My friend had a tight relationship with her, that made she lost her spirit. She feels empty since her sister gone. I thought I can imagine how she feels, but in fact, I don't.

She said that, "you'll never know, you'll never realize how you love someone after they gone".

That was just tearing me apart.

I'm not ready to face things like this. Although I often caught in trouble with my parents, with my bro & sis, but can u imagine if they go away?..... Forever?

You can't look in their eyes anymore, can't hold their hand, or even say hello.

It makes me think, what on earth am I here for?

We live, to die.

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Male Model - Jesus Luz

Jesus LuzHow did an unknown fashion model become the Material Girl's boy toy? Jesus Luz met Madonna in Rio de Janeiro in December 2008 when the two were paired for a steamy photo shoot by famed photographer Steven Klein which will appears in the March 2009 issue of W magazine.

Jesus LuzMadge is wearing a black Victoria Beckham dress with white-trimmed neckline and sleeves. In some photos she is wearing a backless black dress. Jesus Luz dons his birthday suit, as he shows off an impressive physique much to the delight of the Queen of Pop who is seen kissing him in some photos.

Jesus LuzRumors that the relationship moved from staged photographs to real life began in December 2008 when reports from the Brazilian press surfaced. (At the same time Madonna was touring in Brazil) and have been picked up worldwide. The two have been seen and photographed together in recent weeks.

Jesus Luz
Image Sorces : Jesus Luz Posing At Photoshoot

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm gonna start it all over again

I feel empty without writing in my blog. It feels like everything just fly away. In fact I have this so called -stadium 1-amnesia, a.k.a short term memory. So I should write at least once in three days, otherwise I'll forget about things that ever happen in my life.

P.1 my job

I'll start about my job. So far so good. My boss promoted me to the next level 2 months ago. I'm in 2nd level now. Despite being happy cos I have "extra" salary, but I have higher target, too. *sigh*. I'm getting boring in this job, cos actually it has nothing to do with my major in college. I don't use my left brain that much, nor the right brain. Got what I mean? I only use my ability to speak to people, without thinking about "complicated" things.

I decided to go to job fair last Saturday. I applied to all companies that interested me, and yesterday, one of them called me to do an interview. Another bank.

Shortly, this morning I got interviewed by 1 woman and 1 man from that bank. They offered me a job as credit analyst, which could make me use all my knowledge as an accountant. They tried to convince me, this job will be a new experience for me, totally different from where I am now. A lot harder, and higher stress level. I have 3 days to choose between those jobs. My current job or this new job.

I'm confuse now.. What should I choose?

P.2 about LIFE

As I grow older, I met many different people in my life. I can see in a clearer eyes, who's friends, who's not and who's in between, whom I called hypocrite. Cos they didn't fit in both categories.

This category is a real danger, may I say. They act just like a real friend in front of u while when u're away, they talk shit about u. Yes, behind your back. And I often meet with these people in my workplace. I must admit that I did mistake too, but I can't stand with them.

We have to be really careful to choose who should we be with. I'm not gonna fall in same hole again.

Ttyl blog....


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