Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm gonna start it all over again

I feel empty without writing in my blog. It feels like everything just fly away. In fact I have this so called -stadium 1-amnesia, a.k.a short term memory. So I should write at least once in three days, otherwise I'll forget about things that ever happen in my life.

P.1 my job

I'll start about my job. So far so good. My boss promoted me to the next level 2 months ago. I'm in 2nd level now. Despite being happy cos I have "extra" salary, but I have higher target, too. *sigh*. I'm getting boring in this job, cos actually it has nothing to do with my major in college. I don't use my left brain that much, nor the right brain. Got what I mean? I only use my ability to speak to people, without thinking about "complicated" things.

I decided to go to job fair last Saturday. I applied to all companies that interested me, and yesterday, one of them called me to do an interview. Another bank.

Shortly, this morning I got interviewed by 1 woman and 1 man from that bank. They offered me a job as credit analyst, which could make me use all my knowledge as an accountant. They tried to convince me, this job will be a new experience for me, totally different from where I am now. A lot harder, and higher stress level. I have 3 days to choose between those jobs. My current job or this new job.

I'm confuse now.. What should I choose?

P.2 about LIFE

As I grow older, I met many different people in my life. I can see in a clearer eyes, who's friends, who's not and who's in between, whom I called hypocrite. Cos they didn't fit in both categories.

This category is a real danger, may I say. They act just like a real friend in front of u while when u're away, they talk shit about u. Yes, behind your back. And I often meet with these people in my workplace. I must admit that I did mistake too, but I can't stand with them.

We have to be really careful to choose who should we be with. I'm not gonna fall in same hole again.

Ttyl blog....


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