Tuesday, November 30, 2010

recent updates

ciao tutti!

quick update! another turbulence week.
haven't get a chance to update my blog. too busy. 

endless wedding parties. they're coming like, every weekend. literally. saturday and sunday, not forget to mention thursday and friday. literally. 
endless working hours. cctv issues. the increase of raw materials prices (craziest in a million years, like my Dad said). payables and receivables.
endless credit cards billing. thanks to wedding parties with "special theme". so we have to adjust our costume with the theme. oh no. i'm making excuses again. 
endless shopping spree. big hugs to my silent partner in crime.. panic at the disco! that's our motto. you know who you are darling! <3
endless "YEAR END SALE" emails and eBay makes it even worse. pretend to shut my eyes afterwards. 
endless pray and hope. my sister Imelda was once again brought to hospital earlier last week. she WILL be fine. she has to.. :( 

that's all. quick recaps from my last two weeks.
no air to breathe..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"and when I'm lonely, Cherry's there.. She plays along while I sing out my blue.." 

Amy Winehouse - Cherry

I miss her so much... Watched her Live in Concert again yesterday on my way to work. Madonna might have all the hypes, electronics, and over the top dancers on every concert that she held.. But Amy is just being Amy. A Jewish gal from Camden Town who sings, well.. and drunk. But she blew everyone away. She has the best band and even two best backing vocals (Ade and Zalon)
I secretly hoping that she would make a comeback. But it's all up to her whether she want to continue her career or not. Clearly, Amy is an artist. She's a singer who sings from her heart. You can feel her whenever you hear her songs. 

Miss you Amy Jade... <3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

black women short hair styles




Natural black hair is what most of the women desires. The best black hair advantage is that you can make it shine. Note that most hair shampoo commercial is based on dark hair as with some Highlights and low lights you can make a great black hairstyle. Black hair is typically courser and wiry, choosing the right style can sometimes be difficult. The good news is that good, black hair styles are not difficult to achieve, as long as you know how.

There are many short hairstyles that come with the added convenience of the individual being able to complete their entire hair routine in less than five minutes flat. This comes in handy, especially for black women that often have thick and textured hair that can seem impossible to style in a short period of time as it must be straightened and defrizzed, or it must be woven into various styles and treated with conditioning treatment in order to maintain the highest levels of moisture.

black short hair styles


Rihanna in black african american hairstyles. A few razor sharp layers over one eye looks. These hairstyles suit for every women especially tenage girls. You can mould your hair according to your faceshape and taste if you spend a little time.
Short black hairstyles are a popular look for the summer season. Although many people tend to traditionally lighten the hair through the summer season, black is an in color for those seeking to become stylish and trendy within the world…

 Short black hairstyles are a popular look for the summer season. Although many people tend to traditionally lighten the hair through the summer season, black is an in color for those seeking to become stylish and trendy within the world of hairstyles and fashions. Through the use of these hairstyles and fashions, an individual can style short black hair styles many ways to keep up to date with fashion and all that’s hot through the months of summer.

short hair styles



While it can be said that there are some great advantages to having a short hairstyle, it is nevertheless worth informing one's self fully before leaping head first towards a short do.
To help you in your quest for beauty, we have gathered some helpful "pointers" which will hopely help facilitate your styling decisions. Here are lists of pros and cons for short hairstyles:

There are quite a few different kinds of cute short hair styles that you could use no matter what your gender, age, and body type is. You can do a lot with your hair even if it is short and a lot of people prefer to have shorter hair. Shorter hair is a lot easier to take care of so is ideal for most people, especially athletes though. A lot of women are starting to style their hair shorter because of the various styles that look so good while short and short hair is starting to become trendier than before. At one time, most people considered short hair to be manly but now it is very elegant, sexy, and professional all in one so it is definitely a killer package.

Monday, November 15, 2010

man vs wild

If I can choose one of the bravest man on earth TV, he must be BEAR GRYLLS. 
For those of you who love spending time doing nothing but watch TV, please do watch Bear Grylls' Man VS Wild/Born Survivor. Forget crocodiles, sharks, or insects that make you bleed through your ass. Bear Grylls is the scariest thing on TV. And last night, it was his 25 best episodes. Which were crazy, sick, and eventually became my new version of Man VS Vomiting . LOL.

..man VS wild..

The premise for the programme is quite ridiculous. Basically, every week Grylls is dumped in an extreme location somewhere around the world and armed with ONLY his wits and whatever food he can lay his hands on has to make it back to civilization.
Something like, what if you trapped in a desert and run out of water? Bear said you could drink from elephant's poo poo! N he actually DID it. He took one giant dung, squeeze it, and DRINK the fecal liquid that came from the poo. EUWW. 
When you lost in the jungle and starving, don't worry cos you can always eat from any larva or creepy insects that scattered all around the jungle. or even a scorpion. or snakes. or honey straight from the beehive. And when you thirsty, you can drink your own urine or save it in a rattlesnake skin for the next drinking session.

It's not all about eating baby. He also loved to fly.. and jump.. and run.. and climb. Parachuting from helicopters or balloons, or paragliding crossing the Mt Everest.. Jump in a free waterfalls. And this one is crazy: he run before the train in the tunnel. His most creative idea was when he utilizing the corpse of a sheep as a sleeping bag and flotation device. Climbing is not a new thing for him, as he became the youngest British who climbed the Mt Everest (at age 23). 

Speechless? You haven't seen anything yet.

best fish I've ever eat!!


celebrity short hair

Short hair, no one better, but look like the difference between good and seems totally bizarre, it is huge. Select the correct short hair can look like the best features of the face. There are women who look good in short hair, what people have to adjust to a slightly different way. Everything depends on the shape of the front, like the cheeks and forehead.

Female Short Hairstyles

Female Short Hairstyles

wedding hair styles for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair I’m hoping someone can …
I had short hair, the hairdresser just curled it, and it just got fluffed out a bit with a bit of bangs, because it went with my hairpiece/veil. Do you have a veil …

Tips for Short Hairstyles for Summer

Tips for Short Hairstyles for Summer
Many teenagers and women decide to choose short hairstyles for summer. Since the weather becomes so hot during this time of year, short hairstyles are generally a good idea. Whether you decide to choose a layered or non-layered hairstyle that does or does not include bangs, there area number of short hairstyle tips that you should know about this summer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

bye bye baby...

bye bye baby...
Valentino Rossi's career at Yamaha finally comes to an end after seven years full of bittersweet memories.. Next year, he will be "back home" to Ducati and maybe will finish his motoGP career there. I can't imagine how motoGP would be without Rossi. It will be the end of an era.

first kiss, first winning

Last week GP at Valencia was very emotional and heartbreaking especially for Rossi who had to kiss his Yamaha M1 for the last time, just like what he did seven years ago at Welkom (first winning with Yamaha). From what I've read in his autobiography book, Rossi considered his M1 as a woman, a girlfriend whom he loved dearly.. Too bad Yamaha finally chosen Lorenzo instead of Rossi (I read somewhere that Rossi would do anything he can to be with Yamaha till the end of his career, he wouldn't mind being a mechanic or else). Geez! Does Yamaha forget everything that Rossi has done for them? Yamaha was a trash back then! Rossi came and raised the bar. Rossi made Yamaha a winning team, not once or twice, but FOUR World Championship title and 46 wins! 
Oh I'm so speechless. 

Rossi even made a "love letter", a proper goodbye to Yamaha in Italian, here's the English translation: (zoom for detail)

Rossi love letter to Yamaha

“It is very difficult to explain in just a few words what my relationship with Yamaha has been in these past seven years.
“Many things have changed since that far-off time in 2004, but especially ‘she’, my M1, has changed. At that time she was a poor middle-grid position MotoGP bike, derided by most of the riders and the MotoGP workers. Now, after having helped her to grow and improve, you can see her smiling in her garage, courted and admired, treated as the ‘top of the class’.
“The list of the people that made this transformation possible is very long, but I would like to thank anyway Masao Furusawa, Masahiko Nakajima and ‘my’ Hiroya Atsumi, as representatives of all the engineers that worked hard to change the face of our M1. Then Jeremy Burgess and all my guys in the garage, who took care of her with love on all the tracks of the world and also all the men and women that have worked in the Yamaha team during these years.
“Now the moment has come to look for new challenges; my work here at Yamaha is finished. Unfortunately even the most beautiful love stories finish, but they leave a lot of wonderful memories, like when my M1 and I kissed for the first time on the grass at Welkom, when she looked straight in my eyes and told me ‘I love you!’”

Just like he said, unfortunately even the most beautiful love stories finish..

Bye bye baby... 

Rossi last kiss to his M1

But new season is right around the corner, April 2011 to be precise. Rossi moved with his entire team including Jerry Bergess, his longtime engineer. I can't wait anymore longer to see the first stint of the "Italian Wet Dream". Mi manchi VR <3

random post!

Another random post... 
I'll write anything that cross in my mind.

Just got my haircut. Thought you might wanna see it. LOL
I was so tired with my long hair. Actually I loved it. But it started to fall out which was freaking me out. I hate brushing my hair and found out my hairs falling out. Although I hardly brush. I tend to keep the hair the way it is. And I don't wash my hair everyday. My friends were like, "Euwww" but I don't really care. Why? Cos when you have a long hair, you will take more time in a bathroom. Putting on the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, and when you finish, you have to blow it dry which is wasting time too. So I choose to not wash my hair everyday. I wash it twice a week. :D

When I went to Jakarta to delivered the donations last week, I stopped by at GI to lunch and get my hair done. Here it is.. Which one do you guys like best? My long hair was great, but it had to be styled all the time (to look good).
Anyway, my new hairdo is 3inches shorter, but looks healthier, don't you think? 

my hair (before)

loved my long hair *sigh* love my friends!!! *kisses*

the next morning. just woke up.

And finally.... My Mulberry bag has arrived. Love it to bits!

I haven't get any chance to post up a photo of me wearing my Levi's jeans. Remember the post all asses were not equal? I've found my type of jeans and it was a "Bold Curve". 
Verdict: it really hugs my waist so I don't need the so-called "hip-hugger" and the gap in the back was GONE! 

Bold Curve

Love my new "tan" handbags. =D

One more thing... My friend has just become a mom!! I was so excited and can't wait to see her and her adorable baby Emily ^^
So I visited her last Sunday at the hospital. OMG the baby is more than CUTE!!! Congrats gal!!! xoxoxox

us wif baby Emily and her mother

Lastly, do you guys notice my new header? 
I must thanked Irvy's boyfriend for taking such a wonderful candid photo of mine.. Finally my blog has a header! I was too lazy to making it, but after it done, I feel great.  like this is really MY blog, with my photo on the header. LOL
Here's another lovely shoot.. 

Irvy, Susan, me, Kevin, and Dieter.

my BFF <3

Is that all there is? :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Merapi/Mentawai Charity

Ciao tutti!
I had so many things to write but unfortunately, the internet connection have been very very bad lately. I switched from indosat to xl but it didn't turn good. In fact, worse than ever. I couldn't even open the blogger website, let alone uploading photos. I was so mad and little bit more it effected my mood.
Anyway, the disasters in my country is still become highlights of the week..

Mentawai aftermath..
volcanic ash

It's so devastating to watch the news on TV and saw many people (including children and women) covered by volcanic ash, or many victims from tsunami remained unknown.
The disasters have claimed many victims and still counting! I know I couldn't just go there and be a volunteer, that's why my friend and I were on board of a charity in order to lend a hand for all the Merapi/Mentawai victims.

Shortly, we've been collecting the donations since last week. Been a busy week for me as I have to balance between this charity and my work time. But of course I place the charity in a first place. 
On last Friday I tweet something about this on my twitter account and surprisingly, I've received so many responds. We try to made it easier by providing a pick-up car to pick-up the non-cash donations (Bandung area only). So everyone who didn't have enough time to drop it in my house can still donate too. While my friend taken care the donations at Jakarta.

the donations taller than me :) thanks God

We're thrilled to announce that in such a short one week period, we succeeded gather about 130 boxes contains of food, clothes, blankets, drinks, and other necessity for the victims.
Last Thursday my boyfriend and I alongside with my truck driver had delivered the boxes to our trusted source at Jakarta. Which later, the volunteers went to Merapi (on the next day), while the others will go to Mentawai this week as planned before.

thank you for your contribution 
In this very post, I, on behalf my friends want to sincerely say thank you all so much for took time to respond in this charity and participated. Every donation counts and we're sure it would mean a lot to them. Even though we weren't there, at least our little help  would lighten up their burden. By showing them that we still care, we are one big family. One whole nation.

amazing donations from all of you. 

Because of high demands, we're doing another charity. So everyone who hasn't participate on the previous charity, can start donating now. Thank you, THANK YOU once again. I love you all so much and really appreciate it.

thank you for join us

keep pray for Indonesia..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Russian woman with very long braided hair

very long braided hair

Lanvin hearts H&M

Fashion collaboration is HUGE now. 

Lanvin hearts H&M ad campaign
I've adored Lanvin as long as I care to remember. The bow signature shoes, the thrilling frills dresses, and the beauty of their color palette every season in a runway.... Then I walked into Harvey Nichols just to found out that the dress cost thousands of dollars. Damn.

So when I heard the gossip that Lanvin will collaborate with H&M, I couldn't believe my ear. 
Time flies and there I was. Seeing Lanvin hearts H&M collection for the first time, I could feel my heart beating faster and my blood getting colder. I AM IN LOVE. 
They were so beautiful... and cheap. I mean, for a top designer like Lanvin. Oh how I love collaboration! Word on the street stated that the material isn't that cheap either (YAY!) I never imagine in a million years having a Lanvin in my closet. Geez. Ready for the mantra? 
I HAVE to HAVE it. At least by Christmas, it MUST hang in my closet.

Too bad we don't have any H&M store in Indonesia. And there would be only 12 lucky stores in this whole world that provide the collection. Argh.... Suddenly I remember the power of eBay. Hate the fact that they doubled the price, but I don't have any choices though. I hope there's one of my friend who will go to Shanghai/Hongkong next month so I can ask them to buy it for me. IF they're selling the collection there.
But however, again, heard from a grapevine that H&M will open their first store in Jakarta! CANT HARDLY WAIT.

Here are some of the collection of what would be the season's ultimate street-does-culture mash-up, courtesy of some planet-taking Swedes and the French. Small world. Fast fashion. BIG business.

1. Trench Coat and Outerwear
These are my personal favorite, but if I have to choose one, it would be..... Ah hard choice.   All of them are gorgeous. The faux fur jacket is fabulous! (as seen on the woman pictured below) But I'll never be able to wear it in my country -_-"


faux fur jacket

 2. Shoes Haul!
I'm dying. Theses shoes are pretty much reflected the "real" Lanvin shoes with its signature bow. And again, I can't choose between them. Maybe the red and black pumps are more versatile. Do you know how much they cost? Pssst... USD 99 only!

shoes collection

the detail
3. Tops and Skirts
The skirts are soooo Lanvin! Flirtatious sexy, although I don't like the black layer lace one.. If only they would add more color.. 
Love the t-shirt too! 


girlie t-shirt!

4. Dresses
Breathtaking collection. I don't know how I look with these kind of dresses, but I love everything that H&M offered! Hehe.. How greedy I am. Well maybe if I have to narrow down my choice, I would choose.............. Sorry guys I can't choose my favorite either!! 
  • I love one shoulder dress (1&2) but I don't know how they look in real object and how they fit me.
  • The tutu dress (3) is overrated though, although will look good in some petite women (but I have no idea when and where to wear this kind of dress LOL). 
  • Frills dress on no.4 is not bad at all.. Classic yet trendy at the same time. It could be your LBD, but not a boring one.
  • Ah... Finally I found more love in dress no. 5! I love the color, the pattern, and it could be great in me cos I have such a small bust and narrow waist. The layer seems normal too. It's very elegant, can be worn on day and night. Maybe it would be a safe choice for me (if I'm going to shop online)
  • Long sleeve dress (no. 6) is definitely not for me, moreover the color is black. Hmm I think I have to get rid of blacks. I have a tan skin, black doesn't help me much to increase the "glow" in me. So far, it's my least favorite.
  • 7&8 is very Carrie Bradshaw, with huge flower below the shoulder. If I have to choose, I'll absolutely choose the orange color! Playful and so young and fresh!
  • I don't know how the metalic color works (dress no.10), maybe it would be good in a club? And the pink one (no.9) for luncheon and kids birthday party. Hehe
  • Dress no. 11 is great! But again, I hate the color. Lanvin could have chosen more color palette than this. Grey or maybe a colorful one would bring good in this dress. While no. 12 is better than 11. Love the color and the detail on upper arm will successfully hidden a huge arm! 
  • No. 13 is another favorite of mine. I love love love the color! One shoulder is sooo me and the raw edge makes the dress looks a bit edgy yet feminine (because the frill detail on shoulder). This is my 2nd choice.








 5. Accessories
As for the accessories.. I was a bit worried about the material they use. Cos it looks like very cheap for me, like they were made by plastics and all. But when it comes to accs, you have to feel it.. I'm not an accessories person though.
daring red

floral clutch

pretty pearl and gem

All in all, these beautiful Lanvin hearts H&M Collection don't disappoint me. They really represent the beauty of Lanvin but at the same time, it reflects the youth of H&M. So what do you think? Do they live up your expectation?
I remember couple years ago I failed to buy Madonna for H&M glasses and tracksuit cos at that time, I didn't know how to shop on eBay (let alone have a credit card). I hope I won't fail again this time. Wish me luck! 

Alber Elbaz hearts H&M!