Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"and when I'm lonely, Cherry's there.. She plays along while I sing out my blue.." 

Amy Winehouse - Cherry

I miss her so much... Watched her Live in Concert again yesterday on my way to work. Madonna might have all the hypes, electronics, and over the top dancers on every concert that she held.. But Amy is just being Amy. A Jewish gal from Camden Town who sings, well.. and drunk. But she blew everyone away. She has the best band and even two best backing vocals (Ade and Zalon)
I secretly hoping that she would make a comeback. But it's all up to her whether she want to continue her career or not. Clearly, Amy is an artist. She's a singer who sings from her heart. You can feel her whenever you hear her songs. 

Miss you Amy Jade... <3