Tuesday, November 30, 2010

recent updates

ciao tutti!

quick update! another turbulence week.
haven't get a chance to update my blog. too busy. 

endless wedding parties. they're coming like, every weekend. literally. saturday and sunday, not forget to mention thursday and friday. literally. 
endless working hours. cctv issues. the increase of raw materials prices (craziest in a million years, like my Dad said). payables and receivables.
endless credit cards billing. thanks to wedding parties with "special theme". so we have to adjust our costume with the theme. oh no. i'm making excuses again. 
endless shopping spree. big hugs to my silent partner in crime.. panic at the disco! that's our motto. you know who you are darling! <3
endless "YEAR END SALE" emails and eBay makes it even worse. pretend to shut my eyes afterwards. 
endless pray and hope. my sister Imelda was once again brought to hospital earlier last week. she WILL be fine. she has to.. :( 

that's all. quick recaps from my last two weeks.
no air to breathe..