Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lanvin hearts H&M

Fashion collaboration is HUGE now. 

Lanvin hearts H&M ad campaign
I've adored Lanvin as long as I care to remember. The bow signature shoes, the thrilling frills dresses, and the beauty of their color palette every season in a runway.... Then I walked into Harvey Nichols just to found out that the dress cost thousands of dollars. Damn.

So when I heard the gossip that Lanvin will collaborate with H&M, I couldn't believe my ear. 
Time flies and there I was. Seeing Lanvin hearts H&M collection for the first time, I could feel my heart beating faster and my blood getting colder. I AM IN LOVE. 
They were so beautiful... and cheap. I mean, for a top designer like Lanvin. Oh how I love collaboration! Word on the street stated that the material isn't that cheap either (YAY!) I never imagine in a million years having a Lanvin in my closet. Geez. Ready for the mantra? 
I HAVE to HAVE it. At least by Christmas, it MUST hang in my closet.

Too bad we don't have any H&M store in Indonesia. And there would be only 12 lucky stores in this whole world that provide the collection. Argh.... Suddenly I remember the power of eBay. Hate the fact that they doubled the price, but I don't have any choices though. I hope there's one of my friend who will go to Shanghai/Hongkong next month so I can ask them to buy it for me. IF they're selling the collection there.
But however, again, heard from a grapevine that H&M will open their first store in Jakarta! CANT HARDLY WAIT.

Here are some of the collection of what would be the season's ultimate street-does-culture mash-up, courtesy of some planet-taking Swedes and the French. Small world. Fast fashion. BIG business.

1. Trench Coat and Outerwear
These are my personal favorite, but if I have to choose one, it would be..... Ah hard choice.   All of them are gorgeous. The faux fur jacket is fabulous! (as seen on the woman pictured below) But I'll never be able to wear it in my country -_-"


faux fur jacket

 2. Shoes Haul!
I'm dying. Theses shoes are pretty much reflected the "real" Lanvin shoes with its signature bow. And again, I can't choose between them. Maybe the red and black pumps are more versatile. Do you know how much they cost? Pssst... USD 99 only!

shoes collection

the detail
3. Tops and Skirts
The skirts are soooo Lanvin! Flirtatious sexy, although I don't like the black layer lace one.. If only they would add more color.. 
Love the t-shirt too! 


girlie t-shirt!

4. Dresses
Breathtaking collection. I don't know how I look with these kind of dresses, but I love everything that H&M offered! Hehe.. How greedy I am. Well maybe if I have to narrow down my choice, I would choose.............. Sorry guys I can't choose my favorite either!! 
  • I love one shoulder dress (1&2) but I don't know how they look in real object and how they fit me.
  • The tutu dress (3) is overrated though, although will look good in some petite women (but I have no idea when and where to wear this kind of dress LOL). 
  • Frills dress on no.4 is not bad at all.. Classic yet trendy at the same time. It could be your LBD, but not a boring one.
  • Ah... Finally I found more love in dress no. 5! I love the color, the pattern, and it could be great in me cos I have such a small bust and narrow waist. The layer seems normal too. It's very elegant, can be worn on day and night. Maybe it would be a safe choice for me (if I'm going to shop online)
  • Long sleeve dress (no. 6) is definitely not for me, moreover the color is black. Hmm I think I have to get rid of blacks. I have a tan skin, black doesn't help me much to increase the "glow" in me. So far, it's my least favorite.
  • 7&8 is very Carrie Bradshaw, with huge flower below the shoulder. If I have to choose, I'll absolutely choose the orange color! Playful and so young and fresh!
  • I don't know how the metalic color works (dress no.10), maybe it would be good in a club? And the pink one (no.9) for luncheon and kids birthday party. Hehe
  • Dress no. 11 is great! But again, I hate the color. Lanvin could have chosen more color palette than this. Grey or maybe a colorful one would bring good in this dress. While no. 12 is better than 11. Love the color and the detail on upper arm will successfully hidden a huge arm! 
  • No. 13 is another favorite of mine. I love love love the color! One shoulder is sooo me and the raw edge makes the dress looks a bit edgy yet feminine (because the frill detail on shoulder). This is my 2nd choice.








 5. Accessories
As for the accessories.. I was a bit worried about the material they use. Cos it looks like very cheap for me, like they were made by plastics and all. But when it comes to accs, you have to feel it.. I'm not an accessories person though.
daring red

floral clutch

pretty pearl and gem

All in all, these beautiful Lanvin hearts H&M Collection don't disappoint me. They really represent the beauty of Lanvin but at the same time, it reflects the youth of H&M. So what do you think? Do they live up your expectation?
I remember couple years ago I failed to buy Madonna for H&M glasses and tracksuit cos at that time, I didn't know how to shop on eBay (let alone have a credit card). I hope I won't fail again this time. Wish me luck! 

Alber Elbaz hearts H&M!