Monday, November 1, 2010

miss dior....

introducing.... miss dior! 
new month, new shoebsession. 
earlier last week, my friend called me that her friend was about to selling her Dior shoes. It's Dior cannage. Worn only 2 times. My size. Half price. I was tempting. BUT two weeks ago I already splurged on sunnies. Despite, I don't really like the cannage style. 

 Dior cannage shoes

Since then, I browsed through the net to search for more Dior shoes. N then I found out these very beautiful, gorgeous pairs of shoes. After obsessing with Loubs and Blahnik for a pretty long time, now I'm changing my mind. 

Uh I'm so in love with the mary jane (first picture)!!! Love the curvy, mirror heels and the animal pattern. Who can resist them? Its only weakness is the price. So I think I couldn't afford it. The shoes is Madonna's favorite, I saw her wearing these several times.. SJP also have it. I think I ever saw she wear it on SATC (correct me if I'm wrong)

The shoes on the second picture called Miss Dior. Peep toe with super high heels and gold plate near the heels. Sexier than ever. Although there's no red sole insight, but still a spectacular pair of shoes. A must have for all shoenista! I relieved cos I can get them half price on eBay. I hope by the time my black period over, I can buy them!! 

hello... I'm Miss Dior :)

Last but never ever least, The Extreme Gladiator shoes. It's absofuckinglutelyto die for. SJP love it so much she wore it all the time in the SATC movie! Even she wore it to her chaotic wedding day, in a gold color. I never thought I'd be wearing those kind of shoes on my wedding day. It's not too feminine. But maybe I could reconsider it. Hehe.. 

Extreme Gladiator in Black

Extreme Gladiator in Gold

Actually there are still many fabulous Dior shoes, I think I'll post them regularly on my blog.. I hope I can own one of them by the end of year. finger crossed! x