Monday, November 8, 2010

random post!

Another random post... 
I'll write anything that cross in my mind.

Just got my haircut. Thought you might wanna see it. LOL
I was so tired with my long hair. Actually I loved it. But it started to fall out which was freaking me out. I hate brushing my hair and found out my hairs falling out. Although I hardly brush. I tend to keep the hair the way it is. And I don't wash my hair everyday. My friends were like, "Euwww" but I don't really care. Why? Cos when you have a long hair, you will take more time in a bathroom. Putting on the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, and when you finish, you have to blow it dry which is wasting time too. So I choose to not wash my hair everyday. I wash it twice a week. :D

When I went to Jakarta to delivered the donations last week, I stopped by at GI to lunch and get my hair done. Here it is.. Which one do you guys like best? My long hair was great, but it had to be styled all the time (to look good).
Anyway, my new hairdo is 3inches shorter, but looks healthier, don't you think? 

my hair (before)

loved my long hair *sigh* love my friends!!! *kisses*

the next morning. just woke up.

And finally.... My Mulberry bag has arrived. Love it to bits!

I haven't get any chance to post up a photo of me wearing my Levi's jeans. Remember the post all asses were not equal? I've found my type of jeans and it was a "Bold Curve". 
Verdict: it really hugs my waist so I don't need the so-called "hip-hugger" and the gap in the back was GONE! 

Bold Curve

Love my new "tan" handbags. =D

One more thing... My friend has just become a mom!! I was so excited and can't wait to see her and her adorable baby Emily ^^
So I visited her last Sunday at the hospital. OMG the baby is more than CUTE!!! Congrats gal!!! xoxoxox

us wif baby Emily and her mother

Lastly, do you guys notice my new header? 
I must thanked Irvy's boyfriend for taking such a wonderful candid photo of mine.. Finally my blog has a header! I was too lazy to making it, but after it done, I feel great.  like this is really MY blog, with my photo on the header. LOL
Here's another lovely shoot.. 

Irvy, Susan, me, Kevin, and Dieter.

my BFF <3

Is that all there is? :)