Sunday, November 7, 2010

Merapi/Mentawai Charity

Ciao tutti!
I had so many things to write but unfortunately, the internet connection have been very very bad lately. I switched from indosat to xl but it didn't turn good. In fact, worse than ever. I couldn't even open the blogger website, let alone uploading photos. I was so mad and little bit more it effected my mood.
Anyway, the disasters in my country is still become highlights of the week..

Mentawai aftermath..
volcanic ash

It's so devastating to watch the news on TV and saw many people (including children and women) covered by volcanic ash, or many victims from tsunami remained unknown.
The disasters have claimed many victims and still counting! I know I couldn't just go there and be a volunteer, that's why my friend and I were on board of a charity in order to lend a hand for all the Merapi/Mentawai victims.

Shortly, we've been collecting the donations since last week. Been a busy week for me as I have to balance between this charity and my work time. But of course I place the charity in a first place. 
On last Friday I tweet something about this on my twitter account and surprisingly, I've received so many responds. We try to made it easier by providing a pick-up car to pick-up the non-cash donations (Bandung area only). So everyone who didn't have enough time to drop it in my house can still donate too. While my friend taken care the donations at Jakarta.

the donations taller than me :) thanks God

We're thrilled to announce that in such a short one week period, we succeeded gather about 130 boxes contains of food, clothes, blankets, drinks, and other necessity for the victims.
Last Thursday my boyfriend and I alongside with my truck driver had delivered the boxes to our trusted source at Jakarta. Which later, the volunteers went to Merapi (on the next day), while the others will go to Mentawai this week as planned before.

thank you for your contribution 
In this very post, I, on behalf my friends want to sincerely say thank you all so much for took time to respond in this charity and participated. Every donation counts and we're sure it would mean a lot to them. Even though we weren't there, at least our little help  would lighten up their burden. By showing them that we still care, we are one big family. One whole nation.

amazing donations from all of you. 

Because of high demands, we're doing another charity. So everyone who hasn't participate on the previous charity, can start donating now. Thank you, THANK YOU once again. I love you all so much and really appreciate it.

thank you for join us

keep pray for Indonesia..