Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pray for INDONESIA

Maybe some of you have heard or watched the news about my country. 

After West Sumatra (Mentawai islands) was struck by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on Monday night which later followed by a tsunami, Mount Merapi at Central Java erupted three times on Tuesday. 
From latest news I read, the tsunami have been killed more than 100 people and 500 people are still missing. The Mount Merapi eruption have killed 13 people, as it's spewing volcanic material as high as 1,5 kilometers and sending heat clouds down the slopes

On top of that, Indonesia's capital city Jakarta, have been flooding since last week. Thanks to hard rains that pouring every single day. Flood causing a very bad traffic. This is less and more affected my business, cos we send goods to Jakarta about three times a week. So my driver had to drive very early from Bandung. The usual 3hours trip jumped to 8-9 hours one way trip! That was crazy. I'm sure there are many people aggrieved by this situation. I hope it'll get better soon.. But we don't know cos the weather is unpredictable and we can't "fight" the earth. 

Indonesia known as Ring of Fire, cos it sits exactly where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity. This makes sense, recalling a 7.6-magnitude earthquake in September 2009 in Padang (which killed about 1100 people). And not forget to mention the biggest tsunami in a modern civilization, triggered by a 9.3-magnitude quake off Sumatra (killed at least 168000 people in Indonesia. ALONE)

From disaster after disaster we've been through, I'm curious, does God punish us? Or is it just a mere disaster that often happen in our everyday life? 
Whatever it is, we as fellow human beings have a responsibility to lend a hand to help our unlucky friends out there. It's such a devastating news, I watched babies died, they didn't even have a chance to see this world.. 
Our mother earth is getting old. Why don't we start to love her more?

Let's pray for Indonesia.. and hope for a better future.