Wednesday, October 13, 2010

motoGP Sepang 2010

Just got back from GP weekend and have a lot interesting stories to share with you guys! 
Geez I'm still head over heels, where should I start? OK I think I'm gonna write it from motoGP Day 1. beware cos this is gonna be a LOOOONG post!

I arrived on Thursday, we were just dinner to the locals and then slept rightaway. It takes a lot of energy to go through what would be an amazing and unforgettable weekend. I came to Malaysia with Dieter.. My friend and cousins were waiting for us (they arrived sooner than us). The hotel was bad, probably the worst hotel I've ever been to. But we didn't have a lot choices, since it's the only hotel available on that date (we did last minute booking!) We previously wanted to stay in the city Kuala Lumpur. But it takes about 1 hour by train to reach Sepang. So we thought it would be a lot easier to stay at Sepang area cos actually we've come to Malaysia to watch GP in a first place. 

welcome to Sepang International Circuit

Day 1
We had a chance to join Pitline Walk where we could walk alongside the paddocks (from 125cc class to motoGP class) and if we're lucky, we'd meet the riders themselves. N guess what? I got my photo taken with Ben Spies, Colin Edwards, and met Valentino Rossi for the first time in PERSON. I thought I'd be fainting. Everyone was gathered at Yamaha pit and screamed his name. Vale! Rossi! or even they called his best friend name Uccio! LOL. We didn't have to wait too long before Rossi came to our lines and began to signed whatever things in front of him. My boyfriend got his t-shirt and book signed by him and my cousin got his blackberry signed by him. Fans were hysterical and I saw Rossi was a very calm, charming, yet still a stubborn. He wore his glasses so I couldn't see his eyes. Despite the crowd was crazy. Even there's this woman who bite Dieter's arm...

with Ben Spies! Super handsome =D
with Colin Edwards =D
Rossi in Action =D

been waiting for Rossi..

After that session, we're heading to the circuit, where we would watch the race. Free Practice 1 was on the schedule that day, of course we wouldn't want to miss it. Rossi was doing great at Free Practice, followed by Dovizioso and Lorenzo. 
We chose our seat so we traveled from one seat to another. And oh! The sound of those bikes were crazy. It seemed my earplugs don't work cos I still can hear the sound. I was deaf obviously. But still enjoyed it so so much!!

free practice 1

At night, me and Dieter were going to KL.. We went to dinner at Sushi King which was so good (at Bukit Bintang area) and stopped by at Pavilion Mall where I found these pair of very cute Marc Jacobs flats. I was this close from buying them but I still couldn't decide between MJ and Tory Burch. Those were yummies.. =D
So I just splurged on Banana Republic cardigan for me and my Mom, also bought some Vincci shoes and Zara handbags :p

yummie Golden Ball =D

Day 2
This had to be the most interesting day from our trip. That day we're queuing in hope to meet and greet the riders! We started at 9AM sharp and waited about three hours before the riders came. We've been tired but also excited!! At 12PM, guards opened the "temporary gate" and managed the line. There were 8 riders on Session 1 (each session is 15 minutes long) and Rossi included. But he stayed far behind at the last line. I thought I didn't make it, but turned out, when my time came, I could walk to Rossi's line and queued again for a pretty short time and MET him! My boyfriend came before me and he asked Rossi to signed his cap and I took their photo. Not a very good pic actually cos he was shaking and shocked to death. LOL.

with my friend Wydi, waited to meet Rossi..

OMG it's my turn!!! I didn't bring along with me any Rossi's merchandise (which I later regretted. I could wear the t-shirt :(  so suddenly popped this crazy idea. maybe I could give him my belly and let him signed in it. Surprisingly, Rossi really DID it!  N then my bf took our picture and it was really beautiful. Rossi didn't wear his glasses. I really admired his eyes. They're light blue, warm, and charismatic. We had a chance to look at each other's eyes for quite a long time, maybe 5 seconds.. It was the longest 5 seconds I've ever had. It's like time stopping us by. and I must admit that I had fall in love with Italian guy that sit in front of me! I ended up shaking too and couldn't believe what just happened. I mouthed "I love you" before I left, those words were flowing naturally. Moreover after we had done, Rossi immediately left and the riders from session 2 arrived. I thought, I was so lucky!!

Dieter with Rossi! LOL

Later that day, we watched the qualification and I still remember his warm eyes looking at me. I guess I was starstruck. LOL. Anyway, the qualification went not too good on Rossi's side as he finished on 6th position. But still, we did enjoy the qualification and my ear seemed friendlier than the first day.

love your warm eyes..... <3
take a look a bit closer :)

Rossi's autograph in my belly

Saturday night we're back to the city.. I've been to Malaysia four or five times now but as a first timer, Dieter wanted to get his pic taken in front of Twin Tower. But I couldn't do it properly. I don't think the result is good, except the one when he jumped. LOL. We dined at Nando's (one of my friend's fave resto) and happened not to like it. Maybe I didn't get use to the taste. I don't like sour anyway. The chickens were all broiler. A bit scary but we did enjoy the dinner. Oh and I don't understand about Malaysian services. I think it's way too slow and the staff are unfriendly. Don't you think?

posing in front of the famous Twin Tower


jumped a lil higher!
Day 3
The date was 10/10/10. Meaning October 10th 2010. I heard there were a lot of couple who get married on that date. Hehe.. A bit ridiculous! Since when a date really affect marriage? Well, just my thought. 
It's the race day on motoGP world championship. We're beyond excited. First we watched a session called Ducati Two Seater. My jaw dropped just looking at them! Ducati provide two riders to bring along with them two lucky persons! Woohooo.... I'd kill to be on those bike! From my experience, Ducati machine was the loudest among all bikes. Love the red color. But no love to their riders a.k.a Stoner. He's as cold as stone. Ha! Matched with his name. 
After that, 125cc race begun.. and then moto2.. and then.. here's the moment we've been waiting for. motoGP. 

me wearing I heart VR t-shirt
For those who might watched it last weekend, what do you think?

The race was so AMAZING. especially for Rossi, who left behind at the beginning and fell to the 11th position and then could slowly passed other riders. the next thing we know? He's at number 1 spot baby! We're thrilled to watch the race, everyone was yelling and became wild.

gentlemen.. start your engine!

funny face!! 46th win with Yamaha

Rossi proved once again that he has already back on track! However, Lorenzo who's in 3rd place celebrated his winning as the new World Champion. He's been lucky I think, considering his two huge rivals (Rossi and Pedrosa) were injured and missed some series. But he did a great job too. He also first rider who has twitter account


Finally.... Our trip was over :(
We left Kuala Lumpur the next day, felt that we've been lucky to be there and gathered with all motoGP fans from around the world. I can't wait anymore longer till next year when Rossi will start the new season with his new Ducati. Can you imagine how an Italian man ride an Italian bike? Since the season hasn't started yet, please see this hot gal on a hot bike pic below! FYI: this Ducati is exactly the same as Ducati that Tom Cruise ridden in his movie Knights and Day. LOL

hot girl on hot bike! LOL

The whole experience was so surreal. Rossi had me at the first sight..
As if this wasn't enough, last night when I browsed to Valentino Rossi official website, I've found MY photo and Dieter's photo there. Yeap. MY photo, when Rossi signed my belly. And Dieter's photo. When he queued at Yamaha Pit. Now I'm losing my words.

Grazie Rossi.. Ti Amo Per Sempre <3