Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When the unnecessary becomes necessity... 

Here's the thing. 
When I walked into a store, I saw a super cute thing (which eventually became not too cute anymore by the time I got home) hanging in a mannequin. My alter ego (the evil one) said, "you have to have it! X dress will absolutely look stunning with those pair of shoes" or something like, "get it while it's HOT! you'll look super gorgeous with those leather pants, matched with the X shoes." WHILE the other one whispered, "you already have too much! don't you remember how much unworn shoes you had back home?"
And you know what? The mannequin made it worse. 
Have you watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic"? The mannequin made all things that attached to it look even prettier. Silly but, when I saw shoes on the rack, I believe they scream something like, "save me!" just like when you see dogs that begged for rescue in a new home. 
That exactly what happened when I stumbled across these beautiful, purple, shiny pair of "Made in Italy" shoes that I bought recently. I believe it worth every penny, but....

and anyway...
the next scene would be, I tried them on, loved it, and immediately I reflect an image when and where would I wear them...  and went straight to the cashier.

In the other hand, technology doesn't help. As a matter of fact, it makes everything easier... to shop.
Thanks to the technology! Now I can buy all things I need want with a single click and thanks to PayPal that make all transactions safe and less risky. 

This has to stop. 
What's this month again? October? or BROKEtober in my calendar!
Oh please, it doesn't as funny as it sounds. I've been spending too much this whole month and I couldn't stop.

I need a detox and no matter what or where, detox will be painfully hurt but desperately needed.
I never ever thought I'd be doing this, but ladies, I think it's the right time for me to enter my black period.
Yup. When you shop till you drop and you don't know how to stop, black period is the only solution (as long as you OBEY the rules). Anyway, black period is a period that you set in advance to stop all unnecessary expenses.

What: no new dresses, no new shoes, no new accessories, no new handbags, and no new lingeries.
When: Oct 20th - Dec 20th (just in time to buy Xmas gift )
Where: Indonesia only (vacation is excluded)
Exclusion: my bidding item on eBay, my Mom's bday gift, Ne-Yo ticket, and hair cut

This is my first time. So everyone, wish me luck!! 
In a meantime, I have to avoid all email updates from Saks, Net-a-Porter, Ideeli, and (hard to say) eBay
and The Outnet. 
I'll substitute my browsing time to something more useful like cooking (!), reading, or even watch TV series that has nothing to do with shopping (bye bye Carrie..) And when I work, I'll work. (I often cheated my work time by sneaking into shopping websites (au revoir luisaviaroma, polyvoretopshop, bluefly)


Shopwalking  Blogwalking (avoid fashion blogs!)
Sex and The City  CSI:NY or Dexter or True Blood
Browsing  Cook, sports
eBay-ing write/read book
Female Daily Forum Kaskus
PurseBlog Forum The Yellow Community/Amy Winehouse Forum.
VISA/MasterCard CASH/Debit card only

There! What did I miss?


this is soooooo yesterday!