Sunday, October 24, 2010

BLACK period?!

Don't panic. 
It was my first shot, how many person succeed on their first shot? 5?
So I think it's alright if I've messed up a bit. 

You may have read my recent post as I committed to enter the Black Period phase.

Turns out, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Yesterday I successfully screwed my own vow. My black period only lasted for three friggin' days. 
I went to the mall in order to look for a birthday gift to my Mom. I thought maybe I could buy her new sunnies. When in fact, I was the one who wanted needed it. (Seems like an old trick eh? Buying your Mom a gift so you could borrow it some other time. LOL) 
But that's not the point. 
It's so hard to find a perfect sunnies cos me and my Mom have a very different taste when it comes to sunglasses. She loves the classic, light shades with a small frame. I love something more fashionable, with very dark shades and unique frames.

So when I tried these fantastic shades, it's love at the first sight baby. The color is very unique cos it turns blue when at the same time, there's a hint of purple and a bit pink. Chameleon. 
You know what comes next, the magical mantra: I have to HAVE it. 

the big "O"

--------------------------------------------THE END----------------------------------------------
I broke the vow
I came home with a birthday cake
will definitely buy her a gift 
happy birthday Mom!