Friday, October 1, 2010

settle DOWN

As we growing old, I feel that our friends become less and less. When we're young, our life was all about the pursuit of fun. Then, you grow up and learn to be cautious. Now everyone has their own routines. Some continue their study, some got married and have babies, some preoccupied with their work, some still in college, and so on. Among those activities, there are two little words, one big concept. Settle down. 

What's the measurement of the word settle? Let's crack it up one by one. 

Box #1 Study
I always thought that they who continue their study are extraordinary persons. I never say that I hate school. But I think it's enough (for me) to study for almost 18 years. So when I heard some of my friends continued their study, I was amazed.
The other day a very good friend of mine told me that maybe they're afraid to face the reality. Fear to even rolled the dice and see where life might take them. Cos life itself is a gamble. Either you're in or out. 
I don't 100% agree with his opinion, cos I'm sure those who study have their own personal intention. Let's hope for a positive one, cos having many degrees will definitely up their ante. IMO, they haven't settled, yet. Still a long way to go. Go on and continue your dream :)

Box #2: Marriage
Does marriage = settle? Yes if we decided to get married as a grown-up couple who ready to face the uneasy and unpredictable marriage life. But the answer is NO if one get married as an escape.. from their trouble or their family or even financial difficulty. When they make their way to the altar, should we consider it as walk of fame, or walk of shame?

Box #3 Work
Quoting from Confucius, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Well I'm with him 100%! From what I saw, many people stuck with the job they're not even like. How could you perform well if you feel like dragging yourself to work everyday? If there's any of you who happened to have a job that you love, please consider yourself as a lucky person and dare I say, settled. 
As for the rest, do enjoy your job (precisely like I've been doing in this past year) and do it devoutly. We reap what we sow.... someday.

Which box are you? Consciously or not, we're slowly moving from box to box but not necessarily in order.
So the words "settle down" depend how you play the game of life. 
And once you settle, you will stop trying and ask yourself: now what?

When did life stop being fun and start being scary?