Thursday, October 14, 2010

walk of shame

Currently I'm eyeing some fabulous statement black shoes. There's nothing can beat pair of Louboutins. These below are called "Let Me Tell You", "Clou Noeud" and "Tinazata".
They're so amazing, guarantee a head turner and enviable! 
Clou Noeud 

Let Me Tell You....


We all know that Louboutin is not your average shoes. Those three cost not less than $4000. Isn't that insane? I mean, for things that you put on your feet?! 
Hence, there are many "black" markets selling fake items but of course the quality is far worse than the original. I've seen some recently. I found the most popular Blahnik's shoes, Something Blue Satin Pumps at one local store in my hometown and a regular Louboutin black pumps. My friend said that the heels were shaky when I walk, the glue shattered all over the shoes, and the red sole is ridiculous. 

From that time, I promised myself to NEVER buy fake shoes. I'd rather buy something original yet affordable from other brand than to force something on ugly fake shoes (trust me they're UGLY! Moreover when you try them on)
I know $1500 shoes are ridiculous. But it's far more stupid when you spend $150 on ugly shoes where at the same time, you can buy a good original pair from the store next door. UNLESS, you want your walk of shame. 

Don't fall for fakes, so let's start saving!! :)