Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye MJ

The news broke at Friday, when I browsed twitter. I found out that someone wrote: "Michael Jackson died..". Oh gosh, I couldn't believe it could be that fast. We lost one of the great, the best male singer ever. Our very King of Pop. Who else can beat him? Not JT nor Usher. Noone can be as phenomenal as him.

His turbulence life marked him as a bad man in my head. His problems, sexually-related with children at Neverland, his problems with his family and his own child. Who can forget how he treated his child at the balcony? *sigh*

But despite of his bad behaviour, his ever changing face, nose, and skin color, he was the pioneer of moon-walker dance, crotch grabbing dance move, with high pitch voice. He's one of the uniter of black and white race. Shame on him cos he chose the wrong way to be "seen". To gradually change his skin color from black - white. I mean, very very white.

The story ended Thursday, when he found dead because a cardiac arrest -or the media told so-. Whatever cause his death, let's pray for him, my heart goes to everyone who loves him. Goodbye MJ, you'll stay in our heart forever. If one day, my son, my grandson, or my grandgrand son asked who's the best male singer I've ever known, it'll be you, Michael Jackson.

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