Friday, June 19, 2009

Sad T______T

Another sad news come from my fam. My uncle, passed away yesterday. He was battling with lung cancer, for only 6 months! Ironically.

As I'm writing this, I just got back from his funeral, feelin sad, and sorry for the rest his family. He was only 58. He's a great man tough..

I met one of my friend at the funeral, sadly, she just lost his sister too, on december, because lupus. Maybe some of you not that familiar with the disease, but it threatens many women in the world. Cos lupus mainly, I mean 99% attack women. It freaking me out, no one knows where it comes from. I mean, it's hard to detect. Even the doctor calls it a "thousand faces disease". The disease can't be just discover easily. It through long process and many tests.

Anyway, back to my friend's story.

So her sister died at very young age, 29. My friend had a tight relationship with her, that made she lost her spirit. She feels empty since her sister gone. I thought I can imagine how she feels, but in fact, I don't.

She said that, "you'll never know, you'll never realize how you love someone after they gone".

That was just tearing me apart.

I'm not ready to face things like this. Although I often caught in trouble with my parents, with my bro & sis, but can u imagine if they go away?..... Forever?

You can't look in their eyes anymore, can't hold their hand, or even say hello.

It makes me think, what on earth am I here for?

We live, to die.

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