Monday, December 13, 2010

one down, million to go...

I'm talking about wedding parties and those patronizing noise sounds "when's your turn?". I sometimes joked, "oh, next February! Just wait for the invitation." and my friend replied, "how come you didn't tell me?". And I was like, "why should I?"

Anyway, other than draining my wallet, wedding parties bring a good thing too such as, I can do my own make up now! My sister learned to be a make up artist, so we decided to buy some make up palettes and start to experience by ourselves.
I've always loved make up and have a pretty complete collection at home. But a girl always want for more. So last week I bought some new essentials make ups like:

  1.  Foundation ~  I have mixed feeling with my MUFE HD Foundation, cos many other make up artist often use the Face n Body rather than HD. But I bought it anyway Verdicts: soft and silky and blend perfectly in my face. And as promised, look great on photo. It's less shiny than Face n Body, perfect for my normal to oily skin.
  2. Base make up ~ my friend suggested me to buy the base from Shiseido, so our make up would last a little longer and oil free. Verdicts: my make up last longer without any touch up needed, love it!
  3. Loose powder ~ I've been using Estee Lauder pressed powder for almost two years now, so I decide to buy EL's loose powder too. Although I used MAC studio fix as my compact powder. Verdicts: light as air, I always use brush better than its sponge. Great for everyday use. 
  4. Blush on ~ my biggest beauty obsession would always be looking healthy, glowing tan. But I still couldn't achieve the look :( When I visited MUFE counter, the SA told me to try Aqua Creme (that can be use as blush on, eyeshadow, and lipstick also) in gold shade. Verdicts: you must apply aqua creme after foundation / before powder cos it's a bit glittery (to achieve the glowing look). Apply it simply with your finger and you'll be amazed how it turn to be. I LOVE LOVE it! 
  5. Liquid eye liner ~ I tried YSL this time after being a devotee of Kanebo eyeliner for years. Verdicts: I admit its longevity and water proof formula, but I still don't like the applicator. Too thin. Maybe I'll switch back to Kanebo later.
  6. Lipglass and lipsticks ~ I'm a huge fan of all glossy things for my lips! This time I only added MAC lipglass to my collection which I'm sure you knew how it was. And Estee Lauder lipsticks in nude and pink shade (they were left in my cosmetic bag somewhere so I haven't take a pic of them)
  7. Palette ~ after careful consideration, my sister and I finally decided to buy NYX make up palette. Beside its price that didn't hurt my bank account, NYX turned out great too. Contains 36 eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks, 4 blush on, and highlighter... I think it's more than enough for us as a beginner. 

MUFE HD foundation and MUFE aqua creme

base make up

    Estee Lauder loose powder, YSL liquid eyeliner, and MAC lipglass

    Here's my first experience!! 
    I know it's so far away from perfect, but at least I've tried. I did my own make up, but still had to go to the hair salon and get my hair done.

    first try

    with my bestie, Inez

    pretty daughters with even prettier mom :)

    love my eyes make up

    I have many more wedding parties to attend! I'll keep posting the photos and share my looks and beauty experience! It's way much better to share those kind of experience than complaining about same old sh*t isn't it?