Monday, December 13, 2010

xmas-phere :)

We're a few days away to Xmas!! No wonder every malls (especially in Jakarta) glam up themselves with a wonderful Xmas theme. 
Last weekend we finally catch a glimpse of Xmas at Pacific Place. We welcomed by a huge transparent snow ball, a little stage (that I later learn used by children whom performed ballet), and many xmas trees scattered all over the mall. There's also a fake snow twice a day (mostly during the performance)
Anyway, each and every tree has a different theme such as:

  • Microsoft hardware xmas tree (yes it was made by motherboards. Keyboard, and mouse as its ornaments!)
  • Vivere gift tree (made by photo frames and mainly flowers)
  •  Fiber glass xmas tree
  • Wooden xmas tree
  • Sprite xmas tree. LOL

And you know what? I didn't bring a camera with me! That's kinda sucks to snapped some beautiful pictures with only a camera phone :( 
But here they are..... Enjoy!

Sprite xmas tree. LOL
love is in the air <3

white xmas tree

In between photo shoots, we had brunch at Potato Head and met a very cute little boy named Lawson. He kept looking at me and smiled all the time!!! His Mom introduced his little boy to me and Dieter even took him to play. OMG I really wanted to pinch him but afraid his Mom would mad at me. LOL. So here's me, pretended to take a photo, with a bit flash of him. =D

me wiv lil Lawston :)

how cute he was <3

Later that night, my sister Imelda asked us to dinner at Japanese restaurant. Geez I forgot the name, but it's located at Nikko Hotel. I ordered the hottest one, called Zigoku Ramen, and guess what? I get diarrhea the next day! >.<
But of course, I'll come back for more!!! LOL

From all photos above, here's one of my favorite... Naturally beautiful :)

my fave photo!!

Now let's embrace the xmas time by spreading love, joy, and peacefulness around us