Thursday, October 15, 2009

Medium Length Hair Style

With the variety of medium length hair style cuts that you can choose from, you are definitely going to find something that you like but not everything will work for you. There are some hairstyles that will look great for you but some will look hideous no matter what. This is because the hairstyles strongly complement and blend with your facial structure (shape of your face) and there can be some clashes. If you have a chubby face, shaving it bald won’t exactly look that great in most cases obviously. You have to find something that will keep your face balanced. For instance, if you have a heart shaped face (small chin and wide forehead), it would be best for you to have longer hair so it makes your chin look bigger and your forehead look less wide.

As far as medium length hair style cuts goes, there is definitely a lot of choices and layered hairstyles are very popular for medium length hair. This probably was influenced from the “Rachel cut” which was first introduced in the 1990’s and has had a few successful hairstyles that based the concept off of that cut to date as well. Now, what looks good is the old Rachel cut but with softer, layered, blending and fringing bangs instead of your old boring bangs.

No matter what, there are a lot of medium length hair style cuts to choose from and it is just a matter of you finding what blends the best with your facial structure and your personality.