Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's getting serious

My relationship with Dieter finally reach the next level. I'm not saying we're getting marry, but now we have some goals and we will fight for it.

We've just survived (and WON!) from the battle with my parents. And now we have to move on to higher place.

Shortly, we start to saving money from now on. We'll make a bank account together, and we'll routinely save our income there. We have dreams. And it'll need a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to achieve them. Cos none will help us except ourselves.

We're about throwing away our date night at fancy cafe, expensive lunch, and every short trips. For myself personally, I have to say goodbye to bags and shoes which I love the most. Aimless shopping spree, and useless stuff which I often buy. Dieter too, he has to repress his automotive hobby. I have to resist my shopping temptation and waiting for the bigger surprise in front of us! (Birkin, maybe? Nah I'm kidding)

The point is, we NEED to control our money intake & outtake. I'm so jealous with Dieter's financial skill. He was naturally born to be a saver. He can keep his money. He bought golds for his investment, he never gambles, he always use his money wisely. Contrary with me. *blushing* Most of my money goes to things (read: investments) like fashion items, and for facial care, and good foods, and gym. I HAVE TO STOP. And follow Dieter's footsteps.

Well I learned a lot from him, and I feel so much better with myself now. I only buy the things that I NEED, not WANT. (At least I'm trying to) -> I consider leather jacket and ankle boots are investments.

But then again, we HAVE GOALS we want to reach. Dieter said, if we keep trying, then what we've dreaming of will come closer and closer. I truly believe in that.

The dream is exactly there in front of our eyes. It's all depend on US. Love you baby


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