Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Create Funky Hairstyles

How to Create Funky Hairstyles  pictures

Creating funky hairstyles takes a level of creativity that can come from seasoned stylists or those that have a grasp on current trends and how to make these hair trends unique when it comes to choosing specific hairstyles.

There are many ways that funky hairstyles can be created. One of the most effective ways that funky hairstyles can be created is through the use of certain techniques including color and texture within the hair.

To create funky colors within the hairstyle there are many aspects that can be used. Colors can come in the form of gels and sprays which can be applied to the surface of the hair – to wet or dry hair. There are also other methods which can be used in the form of temporary hair color that can be used. Semi-permanent dyes are available in a variety of colors and last an average of six to eight weeks before fading from the hair.

Cutting edge haircuts are a great way to create funky hairstyles and can be used to create a fresh and edgy style. Sharp edges cut throughout the hairstyle to create an edge hairstyle that can be considered funky. Consider using angled cuts and straightened pieces of hair to create the ultimate funky hair styles.