Friday, October 23, 2009

It feels like forever

I can't believe what is happening to me. So my boyfreind is out of town for about three days, for business trip, which I should not worry about (it's only business and he went with 2 other MEN).

I hate to say goodbye, even for three days. There's a hidden tears left behind my eyes when I waved hand to him before he go. He seemed pretty sad too. God!! but I have to admit that I am an -easily burst into tears- kinda girl. I cried a lot. When I see sad movies (especially the one that relates to death and parents-children relationship) I always prepare a box of tissue. LOL. I even cried when I listening to sad songs, or even romantic songs. I suddenly imagine how it would be if I'm the character in those songs. Ridiculous.

Back to the topic, so this weekend I'm all alone. I'll go out with the girls and attend their graduation. (Some of my friends will be graduate tomorrow). And still, I have some work to do. And 1 thing that I learn for sure: you NEVER realize how you love someone after they go. I truly feel it now. Although it only business trip, and only last in three days, but it feels like forever. Can u imagine what if the person you love will gone forever?

P.S. missing you so much Dieter

. x♡x♡.

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