Thursday, October 15, 2009

Funky Hairstyles for an Evening Out

Funky hairstyles are those which we traditionally associated with wild colors, streaks and highlights and short and spiky styles. Although these haircuts are considered traditionally funky, there are many ways in which you can add life, as well as add style to haircuts that are short, medium or even long length with the use of styling techniques, rather than requiring a drastic change in the color, wild colors or even a change in the overall length of the style. This way, a temporary funky look can be achieved for an evening out without changing the entire appearance of the hair for good.

Temporary colors are a great way to create funky hairstyles for an evening out. There are three ways that temporary color can be completed in traditional hairstyles – through the use of colored spray, through the use of colored gels and paints and through the use of temporary dyes which are washed into the hair. Making use of these techniques could allow for color within the hair that can last for the evening out, or that can even last in the hair through a period of two to four weeks. Colors are available from pink, to blue and even green. Multiple colors within the hair can be used for a funky hairstyle that can be created with ease.

When it comes to styling the hair in funky hairstyles, there are also a variety of styles which can be created in the hair through the use of styling techniques. Backcombing or creating a bubble in the hair and even pinning up the hair underneath to appear shorter are all methods which are used to create the appearance of a funky hairstyle. Through the use of these hairstyles there are many looks which can be achieved through the combination of color and style within the hair – leading to a different look for your special occasion.