Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Color Blue Short Hairstyles

Although blue is one of the most popular hair colors, as there are a variety of shades which are available to be used within many hair colors – the most popular blue hairstyles that are created are often made from short hair. As there are many shades of blue that are available, in most cases there are many choices which can be used to create the hair color – but unfortunately, many of the blues which are available are only suitable for lighter colored hair, as when the dyes are placed within hair that is a darker color, such as dark brown, the blues are not as vibrant as they would be in blonde hair.

Through the use of the short styles, even those with dark hair can have striking effects when it comes to the hairstyles that can be created. In order to create the maximum effect from the blue color which is placed in the hair, an individual can bleach the portions of the hair where the blue is going to be applied, essential removing the color from the hair in these areas – whether the individuals chooses to use streaks, or other methods to choose which portions of the hair are going to be blue.

The choice of hair color is a common one, as the individual must choose whether they are going to use permanent or semi permanent hair color within the hair. Through this choice, the individual should take into account the style of the hair which is being chosen and how long the color will take to grow out from the hair, as well as how the hair is going to be processed when the color is changed. If you are willing to maintain the color, or dye over the color than a permanent hair color may yield the best results for the desired blue hair.