Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Get Funky Blonde Highlights Hairstyles

Funky blonde highlights are a great way to add attention into the hair. Through these highlights, it can be simple to create blonde appearing hairstyles, with varying shades, as well as experiment with other colors that can be used in combination with the blonde hairstyle.

First, choosing a shade of blonde within the hairstyle is an effective way to find the design that suits you. There are many shades of blonde highlights that are available. Are you considering a light, almost white blonde or something darker, a little more natural? Although natural blonde highlights, when combined with darker hair are often traditionally darker, creating a funky hairstyle allows the individual to choose something different, choose something a little more offbeat.

One of the classic funky blonde hairstyles that are created with the use of highlights is the combination of light blonde highlights within a base of a dark hair color. These high lights can be placed throughout the top of the hair within the style or even placed through the bottom of the style. The high levels of contrast through the colors of these styles are the effective aspects of the style that make the colors so popular and make the colors “pop”. Throughout the style that is created, individuals are able to easily create a style that can turn heads.

Other ways to incorporate other funky blonde hairstyles into the design of the hair is to create styles within the hair that are able to draw attention while combined with other bright and bold colors. These can include the use of pinks, purples and blues in combination with blonde colors.

Many of these colors can be created at home if you are going between one to two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color. Anymore than this and you should head to the salon!