Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Hair Products to Use in an Emo Male Hairstyle

Emo hairstyles are some of the most popular available cuts and styles for teens – but these hairstyles do not come without a high level of maintenance required in order to create the popular look. A flat iron, straightening serum, hair glue, wax, pomade and finishing spray are all styling tools and products which are used in the creation of an Emo hairstyle. Through the combination of these styling tools and products, you are able to create a hairstyle that can look great straight, as well as a hairstyle which follows one of the most popular trends!

First, the hair serum which can provide the hair with the moisture needed to avoid frizz within the hairstyle is an important way to make sure the hairstyle is sleek, sophisticated and as straight as possible. The serum should be applied to wet hair and can become activated as the hair is dried. The heat that is generated through the drying of the hair is an effective way to create a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle.

Once the hair has been moisturized through the use of the serum, you can begin to straighten the hair with the use of the flat iron. Through the flat iron, you should straighten the hair one layer at a time, beginning with the bottom layer. Through this process, you are starting the base of the hairstyle, creating the hairstyle from the first layer up.

Through the other products which are used to style the hair, you can begin to style the hair in an effective Emo hairstyle. Pomade is used within the hair to create the edge of the hairstyle and create the fringe through the bottom of the hairstyle. Through the bottom of the hairstyle, you can easily straighten the hair, and through the top of the style you are able to create volume through the use of back combing and through the use of finishing spray.