Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short Hair Updos For Casual Events

Short Hair Updos For Casual Events  pictures

Short hair updos can easily be attained through using various products and tools that can be used to add volume to the short hairstyle, working with texture, rather than length that is traditionally used to create these updo hairstyles.

Short updos don’t require long hair. There are many ways that you can add the texture that is required within the hair to create these updos for casual and semi-formal events. Something as simple as curling the strands of hair, or using pins to twist the hair while the hair is wet to create waves and curls within the hair can make it simple to pull and pin the hair back, creating the appearance of longer hair.

Techniques that can add volume to the root of the hair including back combing the root with the help of strong hold hairspray – than, pulling back the hair to again create the appearance of longer hair through the use of an updo.

Using these techniques and pulling back the short hair from the face is an effective way to create an updo that has the appearance of longer hair. These methods can be used through a variety of hair textures and are one of the most popular ways to create simple elegance, or semi-formal hair, depending on how the hair has been styled.