Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

While styling thin hair for a formal event, it can be difficult to come up with hairstyle ideas that will outlast the formal event. Thin hair has a way of coming uncurled and un-styled halfway through an event which can leave you frustrated with the type of hair that you have come to inherit! There are simple styling tricks that can be used while styling thin hair to ensure that you are able to retain any hairstyle that has been created, including using backcombing techniques as well as using clip in hair extensions to create the volume and length which the hair may lack. Aside from these techniques, there are also various styles which can be created, even with thin hair!

Sleek and straight styles which make use of hair accessories, interesting parts and weaving within the top of the head are great ways to create a hairstyle, even though the hair may be thin. Consider straightening the hair, using a straightening iron, straightening balm and Volumizing spray to begin the look. Once the hair has been straightened layer by layer, it is time to begin the style. Part the hair into three sections through the top of the hair, creating a braid with the three sections and pulling the braid over to one side. This simplistic style can be held in place with the use of hair pins and finishing spray and creates a beach look that has an added touch of glamour with a hair accessory such as a flower being used to finish off the entire look.

Consider placing the hair accessory such as the flower above the opposite ear that the braid is pulled back to. This can be an effective way to increase the glamour of the look. As an added bonus, this style has a cool, sleek appeal and can be pulled together quickly.