Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Layered Hair Styles for Teens

One of the most popular versions of long layered hairstyles for teens is the Emo hairstyle or the scene hairstyle which makes use of jagged and contrasting long and short layers to create a dramatic sense of volume within the top of the hairstyle. Although these are two of the most popular styles for teens to have created within their hairstyle, there are many other popular styles which can be created through the use of innovative cutting techniques to create layered hairs styles. Variations can include how many layers are cut within the hairstyle, as well as the shape of the layers.

Through layered hairstyles there are a variety of benefits that can be seen throughout the style. Layering the hair increases the amounts of styles that can be created. As opposed to a one length hairstyle, layering the hair is an effective way to create different variations within these set hairstyles. Through the short layers which are created through the top of the style, the shape can determine the edginess of the style. Most often, when it comes to layered hairstyles for teens, the edgier and sharper these layers the better, as it creates a trendy and modern approach to the classic layered hair styles.

Styling products such as straightening serums and finishing sprays are popular for long layered hair styles. Through the use of these products, and other styling tools, the individual can be sure to take advantage of these styles, which can be a great way to update a look that was originally one-length of hair throughout the entire head. Through the use of these layered hairstyles, be sure to find a look that suits your personality to have the maximum effect on the style.