Thursday, October 15, 2009

Human Hair Weaves

Human Hair Weaves  pictures

Human hair weaves allow you to completely change the style of your hair, add color and highlights and even increase the length and volume without damaging the natural hair color.

People use human hair weaves as a way to increase the length of their hair or add texture. These weaves can be purchased at beauty supply stores and can be applied by professional stylists.

Weaves are different than wigs, as they are woven into the strands of the hair, creating a natural appearance, rather than the fake appearance that can come from a wig – even a wig that has been created with human hair.

Weaves can remain in the hair for up to a period of several months when they are taken care of correctly. Regular washing and ensuring the hair remains connected to the weave is an important part of maintenance of the human hair weave.

When shopping for a weave, consider the origin of the hair that is used by the stylist. Most stylists ensure that the top quality human hair weaves are used for the application to ensure the best results, but it can help to verify the brand and the origin of the hair being used in the weave.