Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Straighten Layered Hair

To achieve a svelte and straightened look while styling hair it is important to first prepare the hair to be straightened by sectioning the hair to ensure that a uniform look is created through the entire head of hair. To prepare the hair for straightening ensure that it is completely dry. If the hair is prone to frizz than a serum may be used to reduce the frizz before the straightening process is begun.

First, section the hair into the layers that have been cut into the hair beginning from the bottom. Use clips or pins to be able to reach the bottom layer, without having the top layers in the way.

Ceramic hair straighteners that are professional grade work best for straightening layered hair. Using these types of hair straighteners ensures that the hair will achieve a professional and sleek look after it has been styled. This will also ensure that you are able to straighten the hair quickest.

Complete the side of the head, as well as the back, before moving on the other side. This should be completed with each layer of the hair. The next layer can be let down from the clips or pins after the layer below has been straightened. The top layer should be the last to be straightened, followed by the bangs to ensure a uniform straight style.