Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Create this Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Creating this hairstyle is perfect for a summer fresh hairstyle, or a bridesmaid hairstyle. Here is everything that you need to know about how to create this hairstyle.

Here is what is needed to create this hairstyle:

- A large barrel curling iron

- Pins to pull back the hair

- Finishing Spray

- Focal point such as a pin or a flower for the hairstyle

To begin this look the hair should be sectioned into five sections. Left and right bottom sections and top sections as well as a front section which will be pulled back to reveal the bangs. Next, use the large barrel curling iron to curl 1-2” sections of the hair through the back and sides bottom and top sections. These pieces should be completed with finishing spray to ensure that they will remain in the hair all day. Layers should be curled separately to ensure the hair remains professional in appearance.

Next, take the section that was created from the top of the head and separate the bangs. Create four to five smaller sections from the top of the hair and curl these sections with the large barrel curling iron. Use a fine comb to backcomb the bottom of these sections to ensure that they remain within the hair. Pull back a section of the hair and raise the hair a quarter of an inch, inserting a pin backwards into the hair to secure the section to the top of the head. These pieces should be secured halfway to the crown. Repeat this step for the four to five sections of hair that have been created.

Next, pull the bangs to one side and use the large barrel curling iron to give the bangs volume. Finishing spray can be used to keep the bangs in place throughout the style. Finishing spray should also be used in the sections that have been pinned to the top of the head.

To the opposite side of the hair the accent pin should be inserted. Check if any sections of hair need to be re-curled, use finishing spray to complete the curls.