Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Guide to Creating ‘Leave the Crowd Wowed’ Prom Hairstyle

The natural and curly hairstyles that can be created for prom are endless. This casual style is a sure winner when it comes to getting ready for prom, as it can be created within a matter of minutes and will look great with a variety of dresses. The flower embellishments that are used in the hair create a whimsical air through the entire style. This popular style is easy to create at-home with the use of a few products:
  • Professional Finishing Spray
  • Large Barrel Curling Iron
  • Pins
  • Flower Embellishments for the Hair
  • Smoothing Cream

Creating this hairstyle takes the following steps:

1. Part the hair so the crown and the hair on the top of the head is separated. This hair is going to be used to create the style but we first must pull back the sides of the hair to create the sleek style.

2. Pull the hair back on each side and secure the hair to the back of the head with the use of pins. Pushing these pins in backwards can ensure that they are not noticeable. Use pins that are close to the hair color to achieve the finished look. Backcombing the roots of the hair through the side can ensure that you are easily able to pull the hair back.

3. Once the hair has been secured through the side, separate the bangs from the hair that has been pulled towards the front.

4. The hair through the crown should be smoothed and pulled back to be pinned within the middle of the section that has been created with the sides being pulled back.

5. Next, the hair that has been pulled back should be curled in sections. Using varying sizes of curls can create a whimsical look which is successful with this type of style. Use finishing spray and wrap the hair around the curling iron for a casual look.

6. Make any necessary adjustment with pins and insert the flowers through the top of the style where the hair is cascading from, as well as on one side, where the hair has been pulled back.

Tip: Backcombing the root of the hair can add volume, allow the pins to remain in the hair and even help curls to stay!